Thursday, January 1, 2015


* * * * *

A story for the New Year. This is a story about a houseplant that we have had in our home from back even when Aaron was still here with us. Every year, one or two flowers would bloom on it. After we sold our home, my brother's family took care of this plant for us for a while. During that time, the dirt around the plant began to get a little moldy, so I bought new soil to repot it. I made a huge mistake while the plant was out of the soil and I thoughtlessly sprayed the old soil off the roots. As soon as I did that, I knew I had done something wrong. I was so nervous that it would go into shock and not survive. I went ahead and repotted it in the new soil, hoping for its survival. We have had it back with us now for a few years. The plant survived and has done well for these past 4 years or so, but still had never flowered again... but it was surviving and I was grateful. Well... the plant gave us a gift this fall, it finally bloomed and has begun to thrive. Look how beautiful this bloom is. When I saw this flower, I was so excited, so I took a photo and began thinking about the life lesson in this plant's story. This plant has inspired me... and this year I want to thrive, not just survive

* * *