Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Uncle Carol

My Uncle Carol passed away last week and we attended the funeral in Mapleton, Utah on Monday. 
Uncle Carol was the 2nd oldest brother in my Dad's family. 2nd oldest brother of 8 kids.
This photo of him as a baby is just so precious.
The middle photo brought back memories from when I was growing up... Uncle Carol loved roosters and chickens and always had them as pets... that is one of my main memories of him when I was young. There was a time when I was young when he kept some of his roosters over at our farm. I remember some of them were really mean and would chase us kids around. They were a little scary sometimes. He sure loves his chickens and roosters though.
He was a school teacher and also an artist. His paintings that are my favorites are of farm / country scenes and roosters. He was very talented. Someday, I would love to own one of his paintings... one can hope. :)
The right photo is a photo I took of him the last time I saw him when he could still walk. Uncle Carol endured many difficult and heart breaking trials in his life, but he always had a testimony of the gospel, was faithful through it all, and had a love for and faith in Jesus Christ.
We love you Uncle Carol. We will miss you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Aunt Betty

So, because I have been so far behind on my blog, I had not yet added a post about my Aunt Betty. These two photos are a couple of my favorites as I was looking through the photos of her as a child. So cute.
She passed away earlier this year. We attended her funeral up in Washington State back at the beginning of February.
Aunt Betty was a kind soul. She was the oldest sister on my Mom's side of the family. Oldest sister in a family of 11 kids. I remember when Aunt Betty brought her son down to Utah to take a tour of some of the National Parks here and on their way through, they stopped at our house to visit. My sister Lisa and I ended up getting invited to go along and we had a great time with Aunt Betty and our cousin Marty. She made us feel special and important.
She was the sister who lived closest to my Grandpa after he had a stroke and had to live in a care facility... in those 11 or 12 years that he lived there, she visited him every single day, unless she was out of town. She was dedicated to making sure he felt loved and cared for. I am so grateful to her for that.
I also remember when Aunt Betty had lost her husband and as a widow, she came to Salt Lake City, Utah to serve the Lord on a mission. We loved having her so close. She would come and spend the weekends at our house. She was still on her mission there when I left on my mission to England. She had found a second hand plaid blazer somewhere and had bought it for me to take on my mission. I wish I still had that. It was so thoughtful and kind. 
I love my Aunt Betty and I sure miss her.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Elder L. Tom Perry

Aaron and I went to eat at The Mandarin Chinese restaurant in Bountiful while we were engaged. Elder Perry happened to be there eating. He was just sitting a couple of booths away from us.
At one point, Aaron said he would be right back, and he walked over to Elder Perry's table and squatted down next to Elder Perry and started talking to him.
After he was done, he came back over and sat down with me. He told me that he had pointed to me and asked Elder Perry, "see that girl over there? I'm going to marry her... and I was wondering if you would seal us in the temple?"
Elder Perry agreed and gave Aaron the phone number of his secretary and told Aaron to call her and have her schedule it. Because of a prior commitment Elder Perry had, we changed our wedding date a couple days earlier so that he could be our sealer. It was so exciting.
As the wedding day approached, Aaron got a call from the secretary telling him that Elder Perry had been given an assignment I think taking him out of the country and would not be able to seal us after all. We were disappointed, but we understood.
The sealer we did have was amazing and we really loved him.
Since this experience at The Mandarin, I have always remembered this experience when I have seen Elder Perry speak. Hearing about his passing yesterday was very sad for me and brought back that memory again. I grieve every time one of our church leaders passes away, but I'm grateful for the legacy and the loving counsel they leave behind.
Elder Perry will be missed.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Am I Happy?

Truthfully, I have no idea where to even begin.
I don't know how to catch up on what has happened in the past few years...
so I will just begin with what happened last night.

I received that acceptance letter in my email last night.
My first reaction was paralyzing fear...
but knowing that this is the right step for me gives me enough peace to help me move forward instead of retreating.

I have been praying for a long time to know what to do and where to go and what path I am supposed to be on. I realize now that certain things had to happen in order to get me to this decision and put me here.

The photo that I have had at the top of my blog for years definitely comes into play in making this decision.

I haven't been happy for a long time.
Are there things in my life that bring me happiness? Yes.
Is my life what I expected it to be or what I ever wanted? No.

Anyone who knows me knows that what I believe will bring me the most happiness in this life is to remarry and have more kids. That is something that is out of my control though.
I believe I am as happy as I can be in my current situation.
Aaron Jr makes me happy...
But could I be happier? Yes.

So, since my hopes and dreams of remarrying and having more kids is not coming my way as quickly as I would have imagined, I finally decided it was in my own hands to take the advice on the photo above and change something. I finally realized that waiting impatiently for an amazing guy to come along was not helping me to reach my goal of finding more happiness. So far, it has mostly brought disappointment and discouragement. I realized that I had to change my way of thinking and change what I was willing to do in order to progress in my life.

I realized that waiting around has never and will never be what the Lord wants for us.
He wants us to keep pressing forward.
He wants us to be steadfast.
He wants us to keep working towards something.
He wants us to have faith and trust Him.
I have been paralyzed for a long time, mostly out of fear.
I am scared the the unknown.

Many talks from Prophets and Apostles, many scriptures verses, and many words of advice from family and friends have brought me to this place...
...this place where I am having to have faith and be brave enough to take some steps into the darkness in order to find the light.

I have decided to also pay attention to what I have learned in the past.
This most definitely is pushing my courage to the limits right now. :)

This doesn't mean I won't panic many more times before I begin this journey and during this journey... but it does mean that I have to push through the panic and keep moving in the direction that feels right at this time in my life.

I received that email last night...
then while reading my scriptures this morning,
I came across these verses in 2 Nephi 32:

These verses brought me comfort this morning.

You better believe I will be praying always throughout this journey so that Heavenly Father will consecrate my performance... I will need Him all the way through it.

Wish me luck.
Better yet... 
Pray for me.

I'm Back!

* * * * * *
I haven't posted since January 1st? Really? Unbelievable.
And sad.

Well, for a long long long time, there has been some sort of spam attaching itself to my blog and every time I opened my blog, another tab would open right after with some sort of ad. No matter what browser I used, it would happen and it was really discouraging. I don't know if it happened for other people who came to my blog, but it made it so I didn't want to post anything because I didn't know what to do about the spam.
Well, yesterday, I finally found a site where I could ask them what to do about it, and the guy who answered my question had the right answer. THE SPAM IS FINALLY GONE! YAY!

Now I feel comfortable posting here. I don't know if anyone even still visits my blog, but if not, that is ok because I have felt an urgency to begin writing on here again so that I have my thoughts and experiences here.

So much has happened in the past few years since I stopped posting regularly. It makes me sad that I am so far behind. A few years ago when my computer crashed, that set me back months and then I never felt like I could post unless I was able to catch up completely. Then that cycle has continued and now here I am several years later and realize that I don't have to catch up... I can just start now.

So, here I am starting now...
(in a new post)

* * *

Thursday, January 1, 2015


* * * * *

A story for the New Year. This is a story about a houseplant that we have had in our home from back even when Aaron was still here with us. Every year, one or two flowers would bloom on it. After we sold our home, my brother's family took care of this plant for us for a while. During that time, the dirt around the plant began to get a little moldy, so I bought new soil to repot it. I made a huge mistake while the plant was out of the soil and I thoughtlessly sprayed the old soil off the roots. As soon as I did that, I knew I had done something wrong. I was so nervous that it would go into shock and not survive. I went ahead and repotted it in the new soil, hoping for its survival. We have had it back with us now for a few years. The plant survived and has done well for these past 4 years or so, but still had never flowered again... but it was surviving and I was grateful. Well... the plant gave us a gift this fall, it finally bloomed and has begun to thrive. Look how beautiful this bloom is. When I saw this flower, I was so excited, so I took a photo and began thinking about the life lesson in this plant's story. This plant has inspired me... and this year I want to thrive, not just survive

* * *

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sorry Folks

* * * * * * * * * *

So, I am not sure what is going on with my blog address, but every time I come to my blog page, it automatically opens up another browser page that is some sort of advertisement. I have no idea how to make it stop, I assume it has somehow been hacked and I cannot figure out how to get rid of it.
It is very disappointing and makes me sad.
If anyone out there knows how to remedy this, I would appreciate some help, otherwise, I am sorry to those of you who still come to my page and are having to deal with this. I'm sorry.

Leslie *

* * *

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Don't Want You To Be Alone

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These are shadows of Aaron's and My legs
with a heart in the middle.
We were crossing the street and I saw this spot of paint in the shape of a heart...
I couldn't pass by without a photo.

I cannot count how many conversations Aaron and I have had about circumstances later in life.
When he talks about getting married, he shows concern about me being alone, so then he has either talked about his family living with me or me living with his family.
Each time subjects like this are brought up, I cannot fathom the idea that I will still be single by that time, but I guess it is a possibility... but not one that I like to even consider because it depresses me.
But obviously, Aaron Jr worries about it enough that when he even thinks about the life's events in his future, he worries about me being alone.

The latest conversation like this happened a couple of days ago...

The subject of a mission came up. Not sure what was mentioned, but his response was that he did not want to go on a mission. When I asked him why he didn't want to go, his voice quivered as he answered that he did not want me to be alone.
I explained to him that Heavenly Father wants him to go on a mission and so do I, but that I will miss him.
He does usually talk about where he wants to serve his mission. He wants to serve either in England where I served my mission, or in Brazil where Daddy served his mission. But every once in a while, he will talk about not wanting to go because he doesn't want to leave me alone.

Aaron brought this heart shaped wood chip home last week.
He found it on the playground at school and wanted me to have it.

I feel very blessed to have such a sweet and thoughtful boy.
Hopefully his nightly prayers will be answered soon and a wonderful man will come into our lives. He wants a Dad and brothers and sisters so badly... that will definitely help him feel better about me not being alone once he leaves home... and it will help me feel better about it as well. :)

* * *

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Field Trip to Silver Lake

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Because I am not ready for the cold weather to come, I decided that Aaron and I were going to play hooky from school on a really nice day last week... and take our own field trip to an amazingly beautiful place... Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon at Brighton.
So, I sent out last minute invitations for anyone who was able to come and join us that day...
Lori and Lisa and some of their kids took us up on it and we turned it into our own little field trip.
It was so much fun and the kids were able to see some wildlife and get some fresh air.

The ducks were very attentive to our kids.

The kids played in this grove of tall trees for so long. This is where we ate lunch as we sat on logs and it was such a fun place for the kids to get creative and to run around exploring.

This was our view as we sat on logs eating our lunch.

All the kids who came.
Michael, Henry, Aaron, Elise, Sophie, Charlie, Hannah, Angus, Lily, Stella 

Isn't it so splendidly GORGEOUS?!

Stella, Henry, Aaron, Lily, Sophie, Michael, Charlie, Hannah, Elise, Angus

It was such a fun day.

* * *