Monday, February 27, 2012

Through the Eyes of Aaron Jr.

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While I was still sick, Aaron was getting pretty bored, so he took my camera and proceeded to take about a hundred photos of anything and everything that was in the room we were in. I narrowed it down to these. The ones of himself were self portraits.
I loved looking through the photos and seeing through his eyes what things around him were worth taking photos of.

this one.
No comment... except that I'm a proud Mama.

His fish, Bluin.
Yep, he's still alive.
Woo Hoo!
As of the 1st of March, we will have had Bluin for 9 months.
I think I might be a fish whisperer. HA!

These roses were given to me for Valentines Day.
Aaron's dad had just bought flowers for his wife, Aaron's mom...
and on his way out of the store, he had a strong feeling that
Aaron wanted him to buy some for me, so he went back in and bought these.
He wanted me to know that they were from Aaron.
It was really kind.

This is the poster that Aaron Jr and I made to tell who he is...
it was for his week to be the star student in his class.
He is so proud of it... it is hanging in the kitchen.

There are two reasons that THIS photo made the cut...
it is just plain silly... AND ...
this face reminds me of one that Aaron my husband used to make to be silly.
Aaron Jr would not know this and would not remember... so when I saw this photo in the mix I could not believe how exact his facial expression was to Aaron's silly face that he would do.
There are a couple of faces that my son does that his Dad used to do... it always blows my mind when he does a face like his Dad.

Hahaha... just had to.

We were pulling out of the driveway last week and saw THIS sunset and Aaron Jr said something like, "That is what heaven looks like."
So, I pulled back into the driveway, went back into the house, grabbed my camera, and Aaron Jr asked if he could take a photo of it. How could I saw no to that?
He did great!

The sky actually reminded me of THIS picture he drew in church a couple of weeks ago.
It is of Daddy and Ode in heaven. ... and his colorful soccer ball. :)
It is a treasured picture.

* * *

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun Haircut

* * * * * * * *

We decided to have some fun with Aaron's hair before his haircut this time.

I can always tell when it is time for a haircut because Aaron starts caring more about what his hair looks like. He will complain about the ends curling up and hates it if he can't get it flat.
In fact, he even has a name for the way he likes his hair... he will get it wet and smooth it down with his hands and he calls it 'the flatty flat'. It is so funny.
One time, I even had to use the hair dryer to get one part to lay down flat so that he was okay to leave the house. That is where I draw the line... using a hair dryer on my six year old son's hair?... nope. :)

In fact, once while we were driving in the car, and I said out loud, "I hate my hair today."
And Aaron said, "Why? Because its all carmeled up?" (As he made a curly motion with his finger by his hair.) I laughed so hard, I love it when he gets his words wrong because he can't remember the right one. Have I mentioned that story before? Hmmm...

Anyway, curly hair must not be his favorite. ;) So, once he complains too often about his hair curling up and not liking it, that is when I know he is ready for a haircut and it is easy to convince him to let me cut it even though he will be itchy. :)

 This is his profile while he is sitting on the stool before I started cutting his hair.
That is a lot of hair. :)

This is the haircut right after his shower...
it was in shock I think because there were some fly-aways.

Here is a story about his haircut this time:

The morning after I cut his hair, he was having one of his mornings where he begged and pleaded with me to let him stay home from school. I told him no over and over and told him the fun things they were supposed to do at school that day... but he still wanted to stay home. I finally reminded him about his new haircut and told him that he could show it off to the kids at school...
that is when he immediately started getting dressed without another word about staying home. Then I took him to school.

When I went to pick Aaron up from school, he got into the car and the first words out of his mouth went something like this:
"Mom, usually when kids get a haircut, people at school say something about their haircut and that it looks good, but no one said anything about my haircut."

I could tell he was so disappointed, and the fact that he got dressed that morning because of being able to show off his haircut, I felt so sad for him.

He mentioned it several more times that day, how sad he would be if no one said anything the next day about it... so I knew I had to do something to 'help' the situation.

So, being a protective mom, and not wanting him to be disappointed again, I emailed his teacher. I told her this story and what he said after school and told her that I had a strange request. I asked her if she would please mention Aaron's haircut to him the next day.

She is a great teacher... she wrote back and said that she had noticed, but that some kids don't like those kinds of things to be mentioned, and she never knows which kids those are. Then she thanked me for letting her know and said that she would be happy to mention his haircut the next day and if it would make Aaron happy, then she will do that.

The next day after school, I asked Aaron if anyone noticed his haircut and he said that his teacher said something about it.

His teacher told me that after she mentioned it and told him that he looked handsome, he smiled.

I know he was happy that someone at school noticed and said something about his haircut.
After I mentioned this story to a few other people, including family members of mine, they have also told him how handsome he looks and he just beams with JOY.

What a sweet and silly boy.

This was a couple of days later after it had settled down.
He is giving a 'thumbs up' over his shoulder in the second one.
What a handsome boy I have.

* * *

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miracle of Protection

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A blog reader of mine recently asked me for my email address so that she could share with me some of her experiences. She went on to tell me some of her trials and some of her triumphs / miracles. Her email brought me to tears and I really enjoyed reading it. Her faith and strength was inspiring and I am grateful that she shared with me what she shared. Thank you, my new friend.

Our emails back and forth have gotten me thinking more and more about the miracles that have taken place in my life... big miracles and every day miracles. I know that I am guilty of sometimes seeing miracles as 'luck' or coincidences, but I try not to do that... I try to see these blessings as daily miracles from our loving Father in Heaven... because that is what they are.

So, I decided that I want to begin writing about these daily miracles more often. I already have a few that I want to share, but I wanted to begin with a miracle that happened last week. I want to write this one to warn parents about a danger that may be in your home. This experience is not one where Aaron was protected completely from getting hurt, but it is an experience where he could have been hurt so much worse... so, I know he was protected from being hurt worse.... and I call that a miracle.

I don't think I have mentioned this yet on here, but I am training right now for a 1/2 marathon. Yes, it is a crazy endeavor... not one that I have ever cared to accomplish, and yet here I am. :)

So, I was doing my run on the treadmill last Thursday in the afternoon while Aaron Jr was watching a show on TV. It is a perfect set up because I can see him through a window while I run... but he is not really allowed out by the treadmill because it can be dangerous.

Anyway, I was on the treadmill and in the middle of my run, Aaron brought me my phone telling me it had been ringing, so he handed it to me and I put my feet up on either side of the treadmill while the tread was still going so that I could look at my phone. In that few split seconds after he handed me the phone while I was looking at it, I didn't notice that Aaron had gone around behind me and had tried to step up on the treadmill while it was moving...

All of a sudden,  I heard a crash and whipped around to see that the treadmill had taken his foot out from under him and threw him to the end of the treadmill and he was pinned between the end of the treadmill and a cabinet behind it. It was still going and I was frantically trying to push stop as quickly as I could. Until it stopped, the tread was still going and just twisting his little body as he screamed. After I pushed stop, I turned and grabbed him from where he was pinned and lifted him up into my arms so fast... it was as though he was as light as a pillow. My adrenaline was kicking in big time. I just held him and rocked him back and forth as he sobbed. It scared him so much and it scared me to death.

I took him into the kitchen so that I could get some band-aids and get a good look at what had happened to him. I took his shirt off and I was shocked at what his back was looking like.
It was then that he asked through his sobs, "Am I going to die?"
I assured him that he was not going to die. Poor kid.
He had welts and 'road rash' type burns all over his back, his arms, and his leg. Poor kid.

Once I got him all cleaned up and band-aids put on, I guess the shock had worn off, because I finally lost it and I just sobbed while I was cleaning up. I gave Aaron a hug and told him how sorry I was that it happened. I told him that I wish it was me that was hurt and not him. He said no and that he didn't want either of us to be hurt. Sweet kid. I really felt awful about what happened.

I did grab my camera and took some photos so that Aaron could see his owies on his back.

If you look closely, you can see red welts and scrapes all over both arms, his back, and his neck. I was shocked that there were no rips in his shirt.
I could not believe how bad it looked, but...
The miracle in all of this is that it was not worse. I have heard some stories about accidents on treadmills and it could have been so much worse than it was.
Aaron was protected and I am so grateful for that miracle from heaven.

 These wounds were definitely the worst ones on his back.
This lower one is the one that was on his leg.

The photos below were taken 4 to 5 days later.
His owies are healing great and what a blessing that is.


 The morning after it happened, Aaron woke up and was glad to tell me that he was feeling much better. What a great kid I have. He blesses my life every second of every day.
I love him. :)

* * *

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Bruce !!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Happy Birthday to my older brother Bruce !!!
He would have been 43 years old today.
These photos are so cute of him. :)
He is missed.
We love you Bruce !

* * *

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Trivial True Loves... and My 2012 Valentine...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This Valentines Day,
I have decided to do my posting a little differently from the last few years...
instead of talking about the people in my life that I love, I have decided to talk about the things in my life that I love... trivial things that I am addicted to because they are so wonderful.

But first, I am going to talk about my ACTUAL Valentine this year...
my NON trivial true love... Aaron Jr.
This is a photo of him at his class Valentines party at school today.
I got to help with it and I had so much fun in their class.
THIS True Love of mine is NOT trivial in any way. :)
When Aaron Jr and I went to the grocery store to pick out a little Valentines gift for each other, he said he wouldn't look when I was picking out something for him and that I was not allowed to look when he was picking out something for me. It was tricky, though, because whatever he picked out... I was going to be paying for. So, after I went through the line, I left some money with him and he paid for it all by himself then gave me the change. I knew it was something small ish because of the amount of change I got back. Whew!
When we handed each other our gifts, he had gotten me a package of Oreos. SO cute. I do enjoy Oreos, so he did a great job. What a sweetheart.
HE is the only NON trivial thing I am going to talk about in this posting.
But I had to talk about him for sure on Valentines Day... I love this little boy.

~ ~ ~

Okay, on to the trivial true loves of mine...

Because I have been sick this week with a cold that won't quit, I am going to begin with something that has been on my mind, because I wish I had picked some up at the store the last time I was there... I have really needed it this week and especially today...

Yep, Puffs Plus Lotion

Wiping a nose with these tissues is like wiping a nose using a cloud. They don't give you the raw dry nose like other tissues do. They are heaven when you have to wipe a nose often. If I felt like driving to the store right now, I would buy these for myself, but I will pick some up the next time I go... to be ready for the next horrific cold.

Moving on... my next trivial true love (addiction)...

Cafe Rio OR Costa Vida Sweet Pork Barbacoa Salad

This salad has become the food that I crave almost every day. Of course I don't eat it every day, but if I had the funds... I would eat it every day. It starts with a hand made tortilla that is so delicious and scrumptious. Then they begin with beans and rice at the bottom. I don't get the beans, but other people like them in it. Then they put the sweet pork on top of the rice, then they put the lettuce on the pork... on top of that, they put the tomatoes and guacamole. I don't get the tomatoes... someday my taste buds may develop enough to like tomatoes. Then they put the crispy tortilla strips and feta cheese on top.
Then the green dressing that they give you is there in the photo on the side... it is SO good.
For some reason, the mixture of flavors and textures in this salad is just one of the greatest culinary experiences that I am blessed to experience almost once a week. That is what I limit myself to. Mmm...

Next trivial true love (addiction)...

Peanut Butter M & M's

These have been a favorite of mine for a long time. In fact, when Aaron passed away and I didn't want to eat anything... bags of Peanut Butter M & M's were what people brought to me to try to bring me a little cheer. Plus, I wasn't eating... so I think they were trying to entice me to eat. So, they were one of the first things that I turned to when I finally did start trying to eat again.
These babies are so delicious. I love to sit down in front of a movie with a bag (large bag of course) of these and a tall glass of milk. I love to put a few in my mouth and let them melt a little, then chew the shell off and then the chocolate and peanut butter are soft and just melt in my mouth. Maybe that is a little too much information... hahaha. Get the point though? Good.

I also love to eat these with popcorn. I will sprinkle some of these in a bowl of hot popcorn and eat them together. The warmth of the popcorn gets the M & M's soft and they just melt in your mouth... again. I guess I could go on and on with this one, so I will end there.

Next trivial true love (addiction)...


I have been addicted to baths most of my life. They are so relaxing. When I was pregnant with Aaron Jr, I was taking two baths per day in that last month or so. When I am not feeling well, like this week, baths are soothing and have a healing effect... somehow. I was talking to my sister about this the other day, so I looked it up online and read up on it a bit HERE. I found a few things that rang true about why I love baths...

"For one thing, it’s the heat of the water that’s important in hydrotherapy benefits. Heat serves as sort of a tranquilizer for the body. The thermal effect slows down the internal organs and decreases the production of stress hormones. That’s one reason a warm bath or time spent in hot tubs or thermospas is so relaxing.
Another aspect of a hydrotherapy tub or spa tub is the weightlessness. Your body is temporarily relieved of the demands of gravity, giving muscles and supportive tissues a chance to rest. The weightlessness combined with the heat of the water has the ability to relieve fatigue and stiff joints.
People who take a hot bath or relax in a hot tub shortly before bedtime report better sleep. They fall asleep more quickly, sleep more soundly, and are able to sleep for longer periods without waking after hydrotherapy baths.
 Since hot water causes the blood vessels to dilate, sitting in a hot tub can increase circulation. It’s also believed to remove wastes from tissues and to aid the immune system."

I can tell a difference if I have had to take showers instead of baths for a while. I crave the relaxation that I get in a bath. I love to read in a bath or just close my eyes and relax.
Its heaven!

A recent trivial true love (addiction)...

Words with Friends (Scrabble)

This is a recent one because I only recently got a phone that I can play this game on against other people. It has been a lot of fun... and not to brag, but I am not bad at this game. :)
Next trivial true love (addiction)...


Chili's Chips and Salsa

These don't need too much explanation. I just think their chips and salsa are the best that I have found... at any restaurant. I love them. Mmm...

I am sure I could go on and on about my trivial true loves... but this is enough for now. These are the ones that come to mind quickly as I sit and think about it.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!
I am getting this posting done when the day is pretty much gone,
but everyone make sure you take those people in your life that you love...
and squeeze them a little tighter...
and show your love for them a little more diligently...
and TELL them that you love them.
None of us ever know how much time we have left with them.
These relationships are precious.
Let us all treat them as such.

* * *

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My World

* * * * * * *
 My beautiful boy.

Usually when I give Aaron Jr a hug,
I tell him I love him and then sometimes I whisper in his ear,
"You're my favorite."

Lately, though, when I hug him,
I tell him that I love him and I've started saying...
"You are my world."

The other day after I told him that, I then asked him,
"Who's my world?"
Then he pointed to himself.

Then he asked me, "Who is my world?" and he pointed to me.
I loved that.

Then he asked, "Who is Daddy's world?" and he pointed to both himself and me.

What a sweet boy.

 We have been keeping track of Aaron Jr's height on a door frame...
I think it is amazing how much he has grown in just barely over a year.
He is growing like a weed.

Grandpa's big boots.

We got home from church one day and changed our clothes...
Then Aaron had something to show me.
He had picked up my skirt and sweater and put them on.
What a silly boy.

Aaron decided to fold his own clothes.
He did such a great job.

He was so proud.

He was so proud, he wanted me to keep taking photos of different poses.

He even tried to take photos of himself after I left the room.

He took this one as well. Pretty good shot, I have to say.

Crazy hair time!


These were a gift from his teacher for his birthday.
What a rock star!

We were at the grocery store and this apple was the biggest one I think I have ever seen. I wish the photo did it justice... it doesn't look as big in the photo. But this photo sure is cute.
~ ~ ~
 I have a silly habit. When I am sitting somewhere with a hard surface, I tap my fingernails for no reason. When I am sitting at the computer or wherever, I will tap my fingernails and it usually has to be even. (OCD, right?) Aaron noticed right away after we got married and he would call it my 'tap-tap-a-roo'. I tend to do it more when I am feeling anxious or stressed.
Anyway, the other day, I was sitting next to Aaron Jr and he said,

"Mom, I can do what you do. Watch".
Then he tapped his finger.
It made me laugh. I don't even know if I was tapping it at the time... it is completely subconsciously that I do it... but it made me realize that Aaron Jr watches me more closely than I realized.

I write the cute things that Aaron Jr says on the side of my blog...
here are a couple of favorites lately:

Whenever Aaron Jr is stretching, he says, "I'm stretchable right now."

One day, Aaron Jr said, "I speak Spanish... A-looo-ha!"

This little boy is so much fun.
What a treat and a treasure it is to be his mom.
He really is my world.

* * *

Monday, February 6, 2012

First Field Trip

 * * * * * * * * *
 Aaron went on his first field trip in January. I got to go with them.
We rode the bus to the fire station and then to the grocery store.
That day was the first time Aaron Jr got ride on a school bus. He loved it. 

This is his teacher with some of the kindergarteners.
Aaron Jr is in the back on the left.

 The guy who gave the tour to the kids asked if anyone knew what the axe would be used for. One of the kids yelled out something like "for bad men". We all got a good laugh.
I'm not gonna lie, the guy giving the tour was pretty cute. If anyone knows him, and he is old enough and single, set me up. Just sayin'. :)

  This was at the grocery store. This was the little group that I was in charge of.

 Riding the bus back to the school.

 This was right after the bus dropped us back off at the school.
We had fun.

* * *

Friday, February 3, 2012

Random January ~ 2012

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Savannah and Veronica giving Aaron a hug.
He loves his cousins.

In two neighboring cities, two of my brothers ran for city council...
and they both won a seat on the councils.
These are photos of them getting sworn in at the beginning of January. 
Congrats to Richard and John! 

My twin nieces, Elise and Hannah, in their school spelling bee.
They did great! I love the worry on their faces when their friend was up spelling a word.

My niece Leah. She is so cute.

 We went to a lot of sporting events in January for some of my nieces and nephews.
This one is 'John John' in a Junior Jazz game.

 Matthew at his soccer game.

 Kristina in her school basketball game.

Zachary in his soccer game.

There was a huge snow storm in January that came on super quickly and dumped a bunch of snow that made the roads super slick. These photos are looking up from my parents' house and down from my parents' house. You can't tell that well in the photo, but there were a lot of cars pulled off to the side of the road... either because they were being cautious, or some were there because they had slid out of control and crashed. There were many accidents that day on that hill and it was closed for a while because of it. It was quite the storm.

I don't know why, but January is definitely the gloomiest month for me. I think it is because it is smack dab in the middle of winter (my least favorite season) and the sun shines so rarely. My favorite winter day is when there is snow on the ground, but not a cloud in the sky with the sun shining down. It is such a beautiful day when that happens.
But, I am always glad when January is over and I am really looking forward to the springtime.
I love sunshine.

Kerianne had her baby in January. Congrats to them.
This is Me holding baby Sage.
I was so happy to get to visit her in the hospital when she was only one day old.
She is precious.
Here are a couple of photos of her...

I love baby feet.

She is beautiful.

* * *