Monday, October 29, 2007


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Since several people have tagged me, I guess I will comply.

The rules:
A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player lists 6 facts / habits / confessions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Some of these won't be any secret to anyone, but I will try to tell some that are interesting...

1. I know it is boring to copy, but I have to say... the one that Kristi and Lisa wrote was a good one... I also feel like I am being a good mom (think of a motherly figure from the fifties) when I bake a goodie of some sort. But I guess the funny / interesting thing about my situation is that Aaron tries not to eat most of the things I bake (he tries to be good), so he knows if I am baking something, it means I will most likely end up eating all of it by myself (except for Aaron Jr.)... so I try to come up with lame excuses of why I NEED to bake something. For example, taking some with me visiting teaching, or taking some across the street to a neighbor for no reason at all, or making it for our primary class. Things like that... so, that is #1.

2. I love to play games. I am competitive when I play games, but even if I never win a certain game, I still love to play the game just for the fun of playing and interacting with people. I love games so much, that I would rather play a game than do almost anything else when it is suggested that we do something fun. I LOVE to play games.

3. Even though I love the feeling I have after I work out, for some reason, I just can't get into working out very often. Why is it that the feeling I have afterwards should keep me doing it everyday, but it doesn't? Anyone have any advice?

4. I take a bath almost every single night before bed. Some people think that is strange, but once I put Aaron Jr. to bed, it relaxes me and it is my chance to read my scriptures and anything else that I might be wanting to read. Sometimes I end up staying in there way too long because I am enthralled in whatever I am reading. A ridiculous part is that, sometimes I read by candlelight in the bath. I don't know why it is so relaxing, but I love it.

5. Even though I am getting too old (30) to think this is even possible anymore... I still can't help but hold on to my life's dream of having a house full of children by the time I am done having kids (most likely 40)... even though it is proven to me month after month that it isn't up to me when it will happen again or how many I will have. Okay, gotta move on before I cry...

6. On a lighter note... I am clumsy. I trip over things, stub at least one toe per day, bump my hipbone on doorframes quite often, hit my head a lot either bending down towards something or standing up from something, I hit my elbows and knees a lot on random stuff, I burn myself when I cook, I turn my ankle sometimes, smash my fingers in drawers as I close them, these are just a few random things that happen to me on a regular basis. Aaron teases me because I say or usually yell the word 'OUCH' at least a few times a day. I honestly find new bruises on myself pretty much every day. Another thing I do that Aaron can't seem to understand is that I almost fall down the stairs a couple times a week... I just lose my footing or else my socks make the carpet slippery. Anyhow... I am clumsy.

Okay, now I am tagging anyone and everyone who read this and haven't done it yet. You know who you are!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

30 Year Olds Hit Heber City

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I have a group of friends from High School that tries to get together every couple of months to catch up with each other. We also try to go an one overnighter each year in the autumn season. We have gone to Park City the other years, but this year, our friend Marilee got back from living in Chicago and we were able to use their family cabin up by Heber City. This year, we knew we had to go because we all turned 30 years old and we wanted to celebrate together so that we could have fun like we did when we were teenagers. Well... you wouldn't believe it if there weren't photos to prove it, but we did it. We lived like we were teenagers last friday, the 19th of October. We missed those friends who couldn't come because of things that came up. So, let me know, friends, if you are sad you missed it or glad you missed it once you see the photos. :)

First, we hit the outlets in Park City on our way up to the cabin. It was a lot of fun shopping together. It would have been a lot more fun if we all had the funds to be able to buy lots of stuff... next year we will have to save up for it. :)

After we were done at the outlets, we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays right by the outlets, then we headed for the cabin. Here is the cabin...
Once we got to the cabin, we got into our pajamas, got out the bags of candy that were in the cupboards, and we started talking. We told of how we met our husbands... again (we have all known before, but it is fun to be reminded of the romance of dating again). Then we talked about people we knew in high school and what they are up to.

THEN... dun dun dun... the rest of the evening was spent proving that we can have just as much fun as we did before we were 30! :)
Before Marilee left home, her husband asked if she needed the camera to take photos of our pillow fight... so since that is a stereotypical event that happens at girls' sleepovers, we staged one and took photos...

Once we were done with our 'pillow fight'... we decided to try to show our enthusiasm by seeing how high we could do the 'Toyota jump'. (Sorry Marilee, I had to put the last one in just because my hair looked so ridiculous) We had a great time trying these...

Next we wanted to see how our dancing skills have improved in the last 10 years, so...
Then as if one jumping contest wasn't enough, we continued once we went downstairs...
Finally, it was time to settle down, try to take some photos that showed that we weren't crazy... but all we got were a couple of really tired looking photos...
So... the next morning before leaving the cabin, we took another photo and it does show that we aren't crazy. (I hope it worked for us) We had so much fun together and we hope next year we can get more of you up there with us. You know who you are. :)
Rori, Marilee, Kerianne, Leslie
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Harkness Halloween Party

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Last Saturday, October 13, 2007, Grandpa and Grandma Harkness hosted a Halloween Party. In case you can't tell from the photos, the kids dressed up in Halloween costumes and the adults had an 'Ugly Shirt Contest'. If you get to Nick and Sadie's photo and wonder why their shirts aren'ts ugly... it is because they didn't wear ugly shirts. I can't remember why. We had some pretty 'good and ugly' shirts, but I don't think it was every decided who won. So, you can decide who you think has the ugliest shirt on. We missed Dave, April, and Suzy again, but they are always in our thoughts. Anyhow, enjoy the photos.

Dad & Mom Harkness

Steve, Christa, Malia, & Isaac

Aaron, Leslie, & Aaron Jr.

Nick, Sadie, Grace, Lillie Pearl, & Sophia

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Michael Scott Archibald

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October 11, 2007
6:18 pm
8 lbs 11 oz
21 inches
100% cute

My sister, Lori, just had her 5th child, but 1st boy. This is the second time this has happened in my family this year (5th child, 1st boy).
Michael is just as precious as can be. No one can tell me that newborns don't smile. Look at those dimples. Congrats to Lori and Scott. We love you.

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For Family Night this week, we went to Cabellas. It is always so much fun following Aaron Jr around as he runs from place to place shouting 'deer' and pointing to any and all four legged creature no matter what it is. UNLESS, it is small like a dog, then he points and shouts 'Ode'. We have a blast with him there. Enjoy.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Just For Fun

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This is the park that we have walked to ever since Aaron Jr was born. These swings have brought lots of laughter and lots of great photos. He loves to swing.

Every time we pass by this park, Aaron Jr points and says 'horse' because of what he is riding in this photo.

It is crazy, Aaron Jr. is growing up so fast. This day at the park, I went down the slide with him the first time and then the next time, I climbed up there with him and before I had a chance to put him on my lap and slide down with him, he jumped onto his bum and headed down the slide alone. It scared me to death and I instinctively caught him and pulled him back up to slide down with me. But after realizing that he might be able to go alone, I let him climb up the stairs and go down all by himself. The rest was history. I couldn't be in two places at once, so I climbed up behind him for part of his climbs and was at the bottom to catch him for the rest. I was so nervous letting him climb up alone because about 6 months ago, he was climbing up by himself while I watched and a couple of steps from the top, he fell to the ground. Needless to say, I have been paranoid ever since. Two minutes later, he was trying to climb up them again, but I just couldn't let him. Anyhow, this time, he did just fine and was pretty sure of himself. Enjoy the photos.

This one was taken on a different day (today) at a different park, but I liked this photo, so I had to throw it in. He is clenching his granola bar given to him by my neighbor and friend, Liz.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

My Personality Type

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You Are An ESFJ
The Caregiver
You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first.A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change.You love being in groups - whether you're helping people or working on a project.You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people.
In love, you value harmony and mutual understanding.You will apologize or give someone the benefit of the doubt, if it means getting over a fight sooner.
At work, you are good at building relationships and connecting with people.You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher. How you see yourself: Organized, dependable, co-operative
When other people don't get you, they see you as: Opinionated, critical, and know-it-all

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


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' The true strength that is America's, the true strength of any nation, lies in those qualities of character that have been acquired for the most part by children taught in the quiet, simple, everyday manner of mothers. What Jean Paul Richter once declared of fathers is even more true of mothers -- and I paraphrase it just a little to make the point -- "What a mother says to her children is not heard by the world, but it will be heard by posterity." '

-President Gordon B. Hinckley


I was reading in a book of quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley that April & Dave gave me for my birthday and I came across this quote today. I loved it, so I thought I would share it. When I hear things like this, I am even more grateful to be a stay at home mom, and it also makes me realize just how important we are in the lives of our children... everyday. I LOVE being a mother. There is nothing else I would ever rather be doing than this.

- Leslie *

He is a treasured gift in my life.

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