Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Are My Sunshine

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I sing this song (You Are My Sunshine) to Aaron Jr all the time. I thought it was appropriate to have it playing during this posting... especially when you see the photos...

Back in December, I got an email from a girl named Lily. She told me that she reads my blog and that she had nominated me for a contest and that I had won. She said I would be receiving an email from someone named Sara Boulter and she wanted to make sure I knew it wasn't junk mail because the email would be telling me that I had won a gift.

Later that day, I did receive an email from Sara Boulter telling me that I had been nominated in a contest she was doing on her photography website and that she had chosen me as the winner.

Click HERE to see her posting on her site about the contest.

Click HERE to see her announcement about who she picked as the winner.

After she emailed me, she asked when I would want to get our photos done. I told her that I love outdoor shots, so maybe we could wait for good weather and do it then.

Well, after a long and wet spring, we finally made connections and got together last week with Sara so she could take our photos. We went to Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake and it was a beautiful setting. We felt so comfortable there and she put us at ease. I am not used to being the subject of a photo shoot. I am used to taking photos of people doing random fun things, but actually being the subject of a photo shoot... it was a little awkward at first. Sara made us feel so natural and comfortable and I am so grateful to her. It was such a neat experience.

I want to thank Lily (you know who you are) for nominating us. We have never met, but somehow our story touched her heart and she thought about us when she saw this contest. Lily, thank you so much. I am grateful for whatever words you used to touch the heart of Sara. It was so thoughtful of you and these photos will be treasures forever.

I want to thank Sara for her kindness and generosity. This was a special gift that will be priceless to me. Meeting you was a neat experience and I felt as though you are a very special person. You are an amazing photographer and I am grateful for this experience to actually BE the subject of a photo shoot with my precious son, Aaron Jr.

Click HERE to see just a few of the photos that Sara took that day.

These are all I have seen so far, but I am excited to see the rest. I am grateful to have this time of our lives documented... of course we would have preferred to have Aaron here with us in our family photos. We miss him so much. But right now, it is JUST THE TWO OF US...

Sara and Lily... thank you, thank you, and million times THANK YOU.

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Click HERE to see Sara Boulter's Photography website.


Kristi said...

Those pictures are so great. You will have to let me see all of them...whenever I see you guys next.
Where have you been? You dropped off the blogging planet. So are you going to Colorado after all? I just need to call.

Blueangels said...

Your story has touched me too and so happy you recieved such an awesome gift.
Those few pictures are AMAZING!!
Aaron's eyes are so beautiful and you look so pretty too :) Can't wait to see more!

Joann said...

LOVE THEM!!! My goodness! Aaron Jr.'s eyes?!? WOW!!! Just WOW!!! I am glad someone was thoughtful enough to think of you in that contest! Congratualtions! And PLEASE, post more pictures if/when you can!

The Forney Four said...

When my sister (Sara) told us she was doing this, it was just further proof of her gift and talent and ability to love. I've sorta kept up on your blog, because your strength has touched me so profoundly and when I finally saw the finished photo shoot, I just started bawling all over again. The pictures are so beautiful and I'm so glad you got to have this amazing experience with my absolutely amazing little sister.

Anonymous said...

Oh Leslie. The photos are beautiful. You are beautiful (inside and out).



AlanaBD said...


I am So glad you won, yay!!! Although, I am not are an inspiration to so many--many that you don't even know about. The pics are WONDERFUL and Beautiful of you and Aaron Jr. Can't wait to see the rest!

Love you,

Liz said...

You is HOT:)
I really like those pics serious!