Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random September

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The classic briefs on the head gag. :) Aaron got quite a kick out of himself.

Aaron Jr. was looking through the coat closet and started pulling out some of Aaron's jackets. When I found him, he was holding the blue and orange puffy vest and he said,
'Daddy forgot his jacket.' Then he pulled out the blue puffy coat and was holding that one. I love that he still knows these things are his Daddy's. It is still heartbreaking to hear him say things like that though. I still wish I could get inside his head and know what he is thinking and what he understands about everything that has happened. He still says that Daddy is at work... and that is just fine for him to think that.

Here is an old photo of Aaron Jr. the summer before Aaron passed away... trying on Daddy's jacket and shoes.

Spencer and Kristi's family came to Utah for Kristi's grandpa's funeral. So while they were in town from Oregon, we got together with a lot of the family... whoever could come. THIS is what us girls were doing most of the time.... visiting with each other.

And THIS (watching sports) is what the guys were doing... the whole time. Except when we dished up our dinner plates. :) It was pretty funny.

Aaron Jr., Benny, Luke

The violin Aaron is playing is a violin I played when I was little. I wish I had kept up with it... it would be so much fun to be able to pick up a violin and play beautiful music.

Aaron has been obsessed with legos lately. It has been so much fun watching him figure out different ways of building things and creating. Lots of times, he wants me to build something as well so that we can fight each other's lego creation.

We went out for lunch for Christa's birthday while April was in town with her kids from Chicago. It was a lot of fun getting together with the girls.

Marley and Aaron Jr. This is my friend Rori's little girl. We went to her birthday party. They wrote messages and tied them to balloons and asked whoever found it to mail it back so they could see how far the balloons got. Cute idea.

My nephew Richard got home from his mission in September. It is so great to have him home. He was serving his mission in Tacoma Washington area. He was a great missionary and such a sweet kid. His younger brother Nathan leaves for his mission to Helsinki Finland next month. Richard had just left on his mission when Aaron passed away. But what a blessing it was for Richard to have been home in time to spend a little time with his Aunt Heather before she passed away a couple of weeks ago. We love you Richard and we are so glad you are home.

Mark and Suzy invited a few of us up to Suzy's family cabin one Monday evening.

Zach and Aaron Jr. collecting wood for the fire.

Robert, Zach, Aaron, Mark, Dad After a lot of hard work... using wood that was a little wet... the guys finally got the fire going.

Mom, Suzy, Evelyn, Teresa, Leslie

I roasted this marshmallow... and I do believe it was THE best roasted marshmallow I have ever tasted. It was PERFECTLY roasted slowly and carefully. Mmm...

Aaron Jr and Leslie

We were leaving the grocery store one night and on our way out of the parking lot, I had to pull over and get out the camera. The moon looked ridiculously amazing. I had to take some photos.

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Kristi said...

Wow, September was eventful. I am glad that we were able to be a part of it for a weekend. Those cabin pictures look so fun and cozy. Aaron is cute as always.
We love you.

Kristi said...
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Lisa said...

to see those pictures of aaron with his dad's stuff on and the pictures now-is shocking. he is growing up so fast. still such a smiley kid! love you.

April said...

I love the lego creature fights... so funny what kids make us play with them!... Susie made me play with wire wisks today (the small one was the daughter named "Sweety" and the big one was simply "Mommy"...LOL).
That marshmellow does look pretty dang good... you SHOULD be proud! I'm not patient enough to make perfect marshmellows like yourself... mine usually turn out carcinogenicly (sp?) black.
Miss you Les!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

That moon is beautiful!



Anonymous said...

just checking in on you and here to tell you that child is growing like a weed. what a precious little boy. hugs to you and i hope all is well with you and Aaron Jr....Blessings.
i love roasted marshmellows but mine NEVER look like that! tee hee~