Friday, April 9, 2010

March Madness

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I had to start with this one. On Nick's phone, he can take a photo of someone, then put a fake mustache in the photo. When Aaron saw this photo of himself, he reached up to his face and felt for the mustache. He was confused... it was so cute. He is still using any object he can find to create a mustache on his own face, so now he really knows what a mustache might look like. :)

My friend, Christie and I met in Salt Lake to take our sons to lunch. This is Haak and Aaron. Haak was Aaron's great friend in Lehi before we moved. He asks to play with Haak SO much. They are great friends.

Caroline competed in the district spelling bee in March. She made it to the second round this time... and over analyzed her word and misspelled it. We were sad, but oh so proud of her. She did SUCH a great job. Congrats Caroline!

Lisa and Angus.
Aaron and Evelyn.
Lily and Aaron.

Ok, this is a hand made cabbage patch doll that my mom made for me when I was a little girl. My mom made one for each of us girls for Christmas that year. Aaron found it in my stuff recently and has been pretty attached to it. He calls her his baby sister. It is really cute. I have a little wood crib that I got for Christmas when I was little as well... and he wanted that crib next to his bed and he puts her to bed in the crib. He doesn't play with her all day... but he likes to pretend she is his sister. Its sweet. He wants a brother or sister so badly.

John and Tawnie went to Australia in March. They asked Aaron and me to come over on the first night they were gone to stay with their kids: John, Emily, Thomas, Jack, and Samuel. We had fun being there with them. They are great kids and Aaron had a blast playing with them.

HAIRCUT time!!! I figured it was time.

* Aaron laying on a bucket in the bathtub.
* Aaron with a dirty face.
* Aaron and Zach during the BYU game in one of the March Madness games.
* Aaron playing in Malia's play kitchen. He looks ridiculously cute in that apron.

Evan Aaron's blessing day. Isaac asked to hold his baby brother and it was so funny watching him use him as a pillow at one point, then wrap his leg around him. We even got a smile out of Evan. It was sweet. It was a good day.

After the blessing, we were at Steve and Christa's house. Aaron LOVES to wrestle, but he rarely meets another kid who can last as long as he can when wrestling... OR another kid who is as tough as he is and doesn't get hurt easily from the wrestling. This is one of Christa's nephews. I can't remember his name. But these two had a blast wrestling with each other. As you can see, Isaac tried his hardest to get in there as much as he could. But we were pretty nervous because he is smaller than the other two. :)

and more...


Aaron has been pretty obsessed with Play Dough lately. Seriously. This is after letting him go to town playing with his play dough without worrying about the floor. :) This is RIGHT before I finally cleaned up and vacuumed the floor.

We were happy to attend the play 'Aladdin'. Three of my nieces were in this play.


Hannah. (i think)

Elise. (i think)

Ben and Aaron.

We went up to Park City with Ben one day and we rode on the Alpine Coaster. It was a blast. Aaron begged to ride again, but it is just too much money to be able to go on it multiple times in one day. But we had so much fun. Thanks Ben.

Aaron and Leslie.

I made this cake for Aaron's birthday. I put all 33 candles on it. I turned 33 this year as well... and I didn't blow 33 candles out for myself, so I helped blow these out for both of our birthdays. :) Wow... am I really old enough to have THAT made candles on a cake? Crazy!

After we did the cake, Aaron and I met those from the Harkness family who were in town at the cemetery. We drank some of one of Aaron's favorite drinks 'Guarana' and then shared some memories about him. In the bottom left corner photo, you can see a little somethin' somethin' that Aaron Jr. made. He took sheets of stickers out of my collection and taped them together and called it a Transformer. He made it for his Daddy's birthday. Don't look too closely... you have to be Aaron Jr. to be able to recognize it as a Transformer, I'm afraid. :)

Aaron holding Daddy's cupcake.
Happy Birthday Aaron !!! We love you !!!

We got to go over to Steve and Christa's for Isaac's 3rd birthday party. Aaron was invited and they had a blast. Click on the photo to see the cake better. Christa made it and it turned out so cute. Isaac LOVES the movie 'Cars'.

We had the privilege of attending the play at the Junior High. Two of my nephews were in it and it was SO good.
This is my nephew David. He played Jacob in the play.

This is also David. He played the Pharaoh as well. He did so good. It was so much fun to watch.

This is Matthew. He played Levi. He did a great job. It was fun to see him act out all of the different types of music and dancing parts that the brothers play.

This is Aaron. He came to get me to show me that he put this puzzle together all by himself. He got it for his birthday in December from Steve and Christa and I have helped him put it together so far... but this time, he did it all alone, then came to get me. I was SO proud of him. He was SO proud of himself. What a cutie. I love this boy.

March was a good month. It was jam packed full of stuff going on... hence the title 'March Madness'. :)

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Kristi said...

You have been a blogging maniac lately. I can't seem to keep up with all of your postings. March was busy in deed. I am glad you are such an excellent documentarian so we can see all of the fun things you are doing.
Love you guys