Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Loose Tooth leads to Lost Tooth

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This photo was taken last September.
I put it in here to show Aaron's teeth before they started moving.
They have always been perfectly spaced and so very cute.

This one was taken in March when I realized that his bottom teeth were moving
AND I think there was also one tooth coming in behind the bottom front teeth
AND one of his bottom front teeth was loose.

This one was taken in April after I realized his teeth had moved even more
AND both bottom front ones were loose
AND there were two teeth coming in behind the two bottom teeth.

Of course you can see the one tooth coming in behind the bottom front tooth,
but if you look closely, you can also see the other bottom front one barely coming in.

He has had to eat differently for a few weeks now.
He hasn't been able to use his front teeth for a while.
Oh the memories of when I was a kid.

He kept putting tissues in his mouth...
I THINK to try to keep his teeth in.

So, tonight I was sitting next to Aaron watching TV and I wanted to look at his teeth again.
One of the teeth was SO loose, so I took ahold of it with my finger nails and pulled and my finger nails slipped off and I had nothing, so we both started laughing really hard. This scene had happened every few days for a few weeks now. It was always funny because he would always look in my fingers after to see if I had gotten it and when he saw nothing, he would start to laugh.
Then I told Aaron I was going to try one more time.
So, I grabbed it again with my finger nails and I pulled even harder... and this time the tooth was in my fingers.
He started to cry a little at first, but then I got encouraging of it and told him that its okay because he has a new tooth because he is a big boy. At that point, he was totally fine.
I don't know why he looks scared of the tooth he is holding. Cute boy.
And so it begins...
the part that is the most sad to me is that it is yet another milestone that reminds me that he is getting older. Boo Hoo!
Also, adult teeth will change his whole look...
mind you, he will still be super duper handsome.

 Showing off his tooth and his new smile.
For the past few weeks, when Aaron talks about his tooth falling out,
he has told me that he didn't want any money from the tooth faith because he knew it was me.
He has been fairly conscious lately of money and the fact that it does not grow on trees.
I told him that maybe I will leave a donut under his pillow then. :)
After his tooth was out tonight, he said that he didn't want to put the tooth under his pillow because he didn't want me to put any money under his pillow because he doesn't need any...
I have a very special boy.
When he asks for things, I do have to tell him at times that we cannot afford it and he is always very respectful of that answer and does not continue asking. I am glad that it is helping him learn that we don't get whatever we want... but I don't want him to be so worried that he doesn't want a few quarters under his pillow for his tooth. I am pretty sure I can afford that. :)
He also said he wants to keep his tooth and he thinks that he won't get it back if he puts it under his pillow.
I told him that I still wanted him to put it under his pillow, but he did not do it.
I want him to find some sort of treasure under his pillow,
so I hope he will be willing to put it under his pillow tomorrow night.
We will see.

As you can see, I can even manage to turn a lost tooth into a posting that is longer than necessary. What can I say though? It is possible that all of these 'firsts' could also be 'lasts' for me. Heaven forbid because I sure want more kids... but it is just possible. So of course I have to document it to the fullest. I am such a nerd. Ha. :)

One thing is for certain though... I sure love this boy!

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The Walkers said...

It doesn't matter if you have one child or 10 you still need to document their firsts. You are an amazing mom!!!

Tracie said...

Stop by my blog, I gave you an award.

Ashley said...

Found your blog from Tracie and wanted to say how beautiful your son is.

I am so very sorry for the loss of your husband. He sounded like a great man. I lost my son almost 2 years ago, although our situations are different...I know the pain of missing someone each and every day :(

I am lds also! Just wanted to say hi.

Brooke said...

What a handsome dude! We had the same teeth issues with Garth Lee and, to be truthful, he looks a little goofy with his "big teeth", but it's just a stage they go through. I still have a strong believer in the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, Santa, etc...I am kind of nervous about it because he has come home talking about other kids talking about them not being real and I just ask him what he thinks and he tells me he is sure they are real...eek! I am sometimes thankful for my boy's sweet gullibility, but I'm not looking forward to when he figures it out.

Thinking of you...look for an email from me too...TTYL

Daniel Hirsch said...
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