Monday, August 27, 2012

It Was The Spirit

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I wrote this down months ago and forgot to publish it and just found it in my drafts.
So I thought I would finish it and finally publish it because it is a sweet experience and one that I will treasure forever.

On Easter Sunday (2012), we were at Hazel's house visiting her after church.
We were there when the young men came to her house to bring her the Sacrament.
As they got ready to say the first prayer, I told Aaron to fold his arms and be very quiet while they blessed the Sacrament.

Between prayers, he leaned over to me and whispered something to me and I told him to Shhh and to be very quiet...
...after I said that to him, it registered to me what he had said.
I was pretty sure I heard him correctly and thought he had said something about feeling the spirit and said something about what he learned in primary.

So, after the Sacrament was over, I asked Aaron to tell me again.
He said that he had a feeling right here (as he touched his heart) and said they had talked about it in primary.
I asked him what the feelings felt like and as he tried to figure out how to explain it, I asked if it felt like a tickle or if it felt warm.
Then he wiggled his fingers as if to look like a tickle and said that it felt like a tickle.
I asked if he knew what that was and he said it was the Spirit.

So we talked about what the Spirit is... The Holy Ghost... and what the Holy Ghost does for us... tells us when something is good or true or how Heavenly Father tells us He loves us.
So, because he felt it during the Sacrament, that meant that the Sacrament is a good thing.

What a wonderful and JOYful experience to have with my son.
I loved that he told me the feelings he was feeling.
I am glad I realized after the fact what he had said so that I could ask him to tell me again what he said... AND I am glad he disregarded when I told him to be very quiet because I might have missed out on one of the most precious conversations I have ever had with my little boy.

What a blessing!!!

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