Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Take Me Out To The T-Ball Game

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Aaron Jr and Me, his Momma.

Steve and Christa were living here in Bountiful for about a month while they were waiting to buy a new house. Christa called and asked me if I wanted to sign Aaron up for T-ball with Isaac. I was so excited to get Aaron involved on a team, so I went straight to the rec center right then and signed them both up. Aaron was THRILLED. He was so excited... and he was so excited that Isaac would be on his team.

Aaron at his very first game.
His first experience playing on a team.

His mitt is too small, but this is the mitt that Aaron bought for Aaron Jr for Christmas when he had just turned one year old. He bought all of us mitts that year for Christmas. But even though the mitt is too small now, I still wanted him to be able to use the mitt from his Dad through his first season of baseball / T-ball. He will have to have a new one next year. :)

Isaac and Aaron.
Aaron is 16 months older than Isaac
Aaron is giant.

I love this face.

This is the photo that the professional people took of him.
This is a photo of a photo. I need to scan it in instead, but for now... this will have to do.

Their team and coach.

Great form. :)

Running from base to base...

A slide into home... SAFE!

It was SO hot at all of their games.
They had to find some way of staying cool.
Water on the head is as good a way as any. :)

I think playing catcher was Aaron's favorite position...
he got to catch and throw the ball a lot more that way.

He seemed a little bored in the outfield...

Can you tell? :)

He is SO cute.

Isaac and Aaron
Grandpa and Grandma with Aaron. These are Aaron's parents.
They were great fans, they came to as many games as they could.

At the last game, I went over to take this shot of Aaron up to bat with everyone from my family who was able to make it to that last game. I wish I had photos of every fan that came to watch Aaron, but I didn't take any others. I love this shot though... its so great! Everyone behind Aaron's right should, on the left of the photo, is there from my family. That is only a fraction of family that came to watch him play... we were so grateful for the support.

Sa-wing batter!

He also got a little bored waiting ON base as well...

Can you tell? :)

Okay, here is a funny thing about the season:
Aaron LOVED it when he had fans show up to watch him. He would ask me who was coming to his game and if there was anyone coming to watch, he would make sure he wore these pants to the game so that he could slide into home without it hurting his legs. He loved showing off his SLIDE to his fans. He aimed to please AND his fans definitely showed that they were impressed with their cheers.
I LOVED it. I think he only actually wore shorts one time to a game and missed being able to slide, so these pants were well used this season... as you can tell from the dirty knee.

Could this boy be any more adorable?
This is one of my all time favorite photos now.
He was playing catcher again.

I am such a proud Momma.
Soccer season is next...

Okay, since my parents are on a mission and could not attend any of the games, I took a lot of video with my phone and would email it to them immediately. These are a few of the videos I took. You will get to see some of his great slides into home plate.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Such great videos because of Aaron Jr.
Make sure you pay attention to his slide into home and also how he stood on home base in a couple of videos. That was his first game and we think he must have thought he was supposed to stand on home plate just like he stands on the other bases. What a cute boy.

The sky after the last game.
I love it when you can see the rays of the sun beaming through the clouds.
It was a great season!

Thank you to everyone who came to watch and help to make it a great season!

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Tawnie said...

It was fun to watch him. Glad we could make a couple. I love all the pictures but the one with all the family behind him is so cute.
Love ya.