Sunday, September 21, 2014

Field Trip to Silver Lake

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Because I am not ready for the cold weather to come, I decided that Aaron and I were going to play hooky from school on a really nice day last week... and take our own field trip to an amazingly beautiful place... Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon at Brighton.
So, I sent out last minute invitations for anyone who was able to come and join us that day...
Lori and Lisa and some of their kids took us up on it and we turned it into our own little field trip.
It was so much fun and the kids were able to see some wildlife and get some fresh air.

The ducks were very attentive to our kids.

The kids played in this grove of tall trees for so long. This is where we ate lunch as we sat on logs and it was such a fun place for the kids to get creative and to run around exploring.

This was our view as we sat on logs eating our lunch.

All the kids who came.
Michael, Henry, Aaron, Elise, Sophie, Charlie, Hannah, Angus, Lily, Stella 

Isn't it so splendidly GORGEOUS?!

Stella, Henry, Aaron, Lily, Sophie, Michael, Charlie, Hannah, Elise, Angus

It was such a fun day.

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Kristi said...

Wow, that is seriously gorgeous!
I want to go there.
Great outing, and painting-esque scenery.

Ceri said...

That really is a beautiful place! I'd love to have come with my children too. I suppose it's a bit far to come though! Looks like a really fun

Ceri said...

... and that scenery really does already look like a painting!