Sunday, September 30, 2007

Home Made Fun

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Zachary (my nephew) came up with this home made waterslide. The kids had a blast sliding down it. Doesn't it remind all of us adults of times when we had to make our own kind of fun when we were little?
Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Robert, Aunt Teresa, Uncle Spencer, Aunt Kristi, Uncle Mark, and I (Leslie) were all there to assist when needed.

P.S. All of the spots where you see a black box with the word 'censored' written in it is where there was a child in his birthday suit. I preferred to keep that off of the internet. :)

Aaron Jr. being helped down the slide by Uncle Spencer.

Luke daring to go alone.

Aaron Jr. making a great big splash.

Lil Spencer taking a turn.

Zachary enjoying his invention.

Uncle Spencer decides it isn't just for the kids.
Thanks Uncle Mark for helping with the water.

Aaron Jr. when he was finished playing... look at how full his diaper is. Those things sure hold a lot of water. Wow!

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Kristi said...

First! Does that still apply? That home-job waterslide sure made for a fun afternoon. I am glad someone captured whatever it was that Spencer was doing in the little pool. Fun times. We wish we lived there so we could enjoy more of those spontaneous adventures. Love you. Diapers are amazing aren't they?

seesalou said...

looks like good times. the times when things happen spontaneously end up being more fun anyway!

Teresa Higginson said...

I'm glad you captured it on digital! (I had left my camera at the school over that weekend :( ). It was so fun to watch the kids...I laughed hard. That's our engineering child (Zach) following after Uncle Spender. Now Zach builds roller coasters called "Wicked" with all kinds of things. :)

mudderandfodder said...

Zachary really came up with a great idea with his homemade water slide. the kids (just the kids??) had a ball and it was fun to watch. Love you, MOM H.

Joann said...

Justin laughed at our sensors! Hilarious and what fun time!