Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Grace!

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These were taken at Grace's (niece on the Harkness side) birthday party. It was a nice evening and fun to all get together. We missed Dave and April and Suzy, of course. Thanks Nick and Sadie for the nice evening. Happy Birthday, Grace!

Aaron Jr. wondering how he is going to get into that pinata. All he can do is hit it and make it swing.

Grandma Harkness and Aaron Jr.
I think Aaron Jr. is getting ready to throw himself on the ball to protect it.

Aaron, Isaac, and Steve (Aaron's brother and his son)

Lillie Pearl
I am not sure what she was up to, but she sure wanted to be heard. :)

Grace and Aaron Jr.
I think she is blowing out the candles in this photo.

Christa and Malia
Candid shot that I think turned out really cute.

Grandpa Harkness and Aaron Jr.
Just having a nice conversation.

Lillie Pearl and Grace
They kept tangling themselves in that net and pretending they were caught in a web. I think that was the story anyway. Also, that is Grace's new puppy.

Nick and Sophia
She looks distressed, but Nick is taking it all in stride.

Sadie and Sophia
There's a little smile. She loves Mommy.

Me (Leslie) and Aaron Jr.
I guess he likes biting the heads off of toy animals. Hmmm...

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Kristi said...

Yes, happy birthday Grace.
Looks like a fun gathering. Aaron has cousins coming out his ears. Wait, is he the only boy grandchild on that side?

Kristi said...

Upon my second glance, that little Lillie looks SO much like Sue. Wow. Cute little ones.

seesalou said...

looks like fun. lots & lots of really cute kids. i loved the shot with aaron & the blurred but colorful pinata-it was very artistic.

Teresa Higginson said...

Fun to see the Harkness side of things. I'll never forget Grace and Zach taking off together to explore while we took family pictures...they were buddies. Happy Birthday Grace!

Karey said...

Cute pictures. I love A.J.s little argyle vest. Looks like a fun party.

Christa said...

Cute pictures. You always get the good shots. Maybe I should get my camera out more often. You'll have to get me a copy of the one with me and Malia.

Joann said...

I love the picture of Aaron with his grandpa Harkness. I love those candid shots!