Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Cavities ... Its a Miracle

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Aaron Jr had his first dentist appointment today. He was so good. He never even seemed scared or anything. He walked in with confidence and did whatever he was asked to do. The dental staff were great as well. Great with kids.
This is him in the chair after they had just finished with his check up. I don't remember how long its been since I was that relaxed at the dentist office. :)

This time I wanted to have a smile.

I asked Aaron if he would stand outside the front door of the office so I could get a photo of him one more time. I didn't tell him to smile, so this is what I got. He was so used to showing off his teeth... he showed them off again. He also thought his mouth must be green because they used green minty stuff to clean his teeth. He will be surprised to see this photo and see NO GREEN.

And there they are. His beautiful pearly whites. The great news is:
Aaron had NO CAVITIES! This is a miracle. He eats lots of candy and once in a while falls asleep before we get to brush his teeth. I expected him to have at least one cavity. I guess he was blessed with strong enamel... here's hopin'.

When we got into the car, the first thing Aaron said to me was:
"I had a fun day."

I LOVED that. He carried around his prizes and toothbrush that he got from the dentist office all day today. He was also telling people that all of his sugar bugs are gone... that they got them all off. Hoping all his dental check ups go this smoothly.

And ask me how I rewarded him for being so good at the dentist office???

BUBBLE GUM and CANDY ! ... What else?

First dentist appointment ... CHECK!

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Lisa said...

you are so blessed to not have cavities! it is always such a worry. cute pics.

Kristi said...

You actually took your camera into the dentist office? You truly document everything.
It is a good feeling to have no cavities.

Rhitzclan said...

Of course it's bubble gum and candy! Hello!! =) Just like after we do well on a diet we binge on donuts! Ha! Glad it all went so well.

Claire said...

he's so cute. You take great pictures.

Anonymous said...

bravo on a great check-up! wonderful there are no cavities. very cute pictures.
my hubby took all three little girls to their first dental check-up by himself a couple of months ago. he is a brave man!
have a great week!~

Liz said...

That is so nice not to have cavities. I will never for get the time that we found him on the counter with the spoon dipping it in to the sugar jar. So funny. I hope that you are doing something fun for your birthday tonight.

Kate, Alek, Hank, and Cash (RIP RED) said...

Awesome, Love it!! My boy and his Lollipops I am a bit worried for our first visit too!! I hope we are as lucky and Mercy I hope he is as brave as Aaron Jr.