Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random February

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The month started out with us in Oregon. But we posted that fun trip already... so moving on...

We flew home on the 5th so that we could attend the baptism of my nephew, Zach. Here he is with Aaron Jr after the baptism was over. What a special day.

I went in to check on Aaron one night and that evening he had put this dog and ball up by his bed. Aaron found that stuffed dog with some stuff that had been packed away when we moved... that dog was one that my sister Lisa gave to him before he was even born. When he was little (littler), he LOVED that dog and he had to have it to go to bed at night. He was pretty attached. So, I guess when he found it again... he decided that it could sit there between the wall and his bed and watch over him. It has been there ever since. But that little ball has not... :)

Aaron with his grandpa (my dad) and his cousin Evelyn. He adores Evelyn.
Oh and I had to include this precious photo of Henry in his 'paper boy hat' in the upper left corner.

I was privileged to attend another spelling bee for my niece Caroline. Remember she won her school spelling bee in January? Well, she qualified in this spelling bee to move on to the county bee which will be held in March. She is quite the little speller. Congrats Caroline. Can't wait to watch the next spelling bee.

I was babysitting Stella and Angus one afternoon and they were playing with Aaron and they found these glasses among Aaron's toys. I had to get a photo of each of them wearing them... of course.

For the past three Valentines Days, Aaron's parents have hosted a Valentines Party for the grandkids the Friday before Valentines Day. They plan games and have candy and movies and just show the kids a great time. Adults are not invited, so the kids get to have their own party with Grandpa and Grandma. This is how Aaron wanted to show up to the party.
He is sporting:
a shark shirt
Spiderman gloves
a Stitch hat
and a little cooler bag with some snacks and toys inside... whatever he was obsessed with that day.

He looked RADICAL.

HAD to snap a photo.

Since Aaron Jr was occupied, I found some things to do that evening. I spent the early evening with Kerianne at the gym. We took our time. Worked out, then sat in the hot tub and swam a bit. THEN, we went and got Keva juices. Mmm...
Thanks for being my date that night Kerianne.

After that, I went over to Lisa's house. Her husband was out of town, so I kept her company that evening until it was time to pick up Aaron. Thank Lisa for letting me keep you company. :)

Aaron Jr and I were also privileged to attend a play at the elementary school. These are three of my nephews and one of my nieces who were in the play. The play was called 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown'. It was SO cute. Aaron Jr was completely captivated through the whole thing. Everytime the lights went low for them to set up a new set... he would turn to me and say 'again, again.' I would assure him there was more and he was so happy.
You did a great job, Thomas, Jack, John, and Emily.
We LOVED it.

Amy, Kerianne, Rori, Leslie, Allison, Marilee, Kaylynn
We missed those of you who could not make it, but this was a fun outing with friends to dinner and a movie. It is always fun getting out with the gals.
Thanks gals.

Aaron Jr and I taught the lesson for Family Home Evening at my parents house. This was Aaron's first time helping to teach the lesson. We put on a little skit about kindness. He had fun. Can you tell?

And last, but not least... don't ask me why... but Aaron had been completely obsessed with pretending EVERYTHING is a mustache lately. It is so funny... these are just a few things he has shown to me as a mustache when I have had my camera handy. It has cracked me up. This kid is so funny.
In these photos, he is using pretzels, an apple slice, a popsicle stick. He has used the most random things... :)

And if you are wondering if he still ate the pretzels that are up his nose acting as a mustache... the answer is YES. He ate them and I let him... and laughed about it.

Let's hope Spring comes on soon... we are SO ready!

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Tawnie J said...

gross. you had to end on the eating of the snotty pretzels so that is what is remembered most. ;)
Looks like a great month. Thanks for coming to the play and I am sooo glad you have such good friends that you continue to 'play' with. Love it!!!
Happy March!!!

Lisa said...

fun times. cute pics. happy birthday yesterday.

Claire said...

Not only is this boy beautiful to look at, he seems to have a beautiful personality too.. :)

BIG RED said...

Aaron Jr. is quite the entertainer! What a happy little boy he is. So glad you enjoy the giggles and moments of him just being a boy. Priceless!

April said...

lol! Les, you crack me up! I LOVE that you shared how you let Aaron Jr. eat those snotty pretzles! I have to admit that there has been plenty of times that I have just pretended to not watch when my kids do something absolutely disgusting... instead of stopping them! Oh, the funny things kids do!

Anonymous said...

this was a really nice post.
i cannot wait til Aaron Jr. stars in his own play in school. he will be a smashing success and have so much fun!
take care and i feel so much less the need to say "do something nice for yourself" ;)
you are growing, Leslie. i can see it. i wish you so much happiness. small steps. baby ones.
rita in tx

The Wiseman Life said...

Glad you found our blog...funny you know Raquel. Isn't she just a doll? I spent maybe an hour reading through your blog. I have tears in my eyes and can't help but want to hug you! Kris speaks of you often, as well as Kerianne. Hope onetime I can meet you!

Aaron Jr. is a doll. You are such a sweet Mom.