Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boating / Tubing

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Before I get started, I have to say that I am not in love yet with the new features of blogger. I don't like to learn how to do something all over again when the original way has worked out just great for me... but I hope to love it once I get used to using it.
We will see.
So, Scott and Lori's family invited us to go boating with them in August. It felt a little strange being on a boat again. We have not gone boating since Aaron passed away, so Aaron was the last person we went boating with on his boat. It felt like a breakthrough and we had a lot of fun. They invited Robert and Teresa's family to come along as well.

Aaron Jr had to be talked into riding on the tube, but once he was on there, he had a blast. Can you tell? 

Zach, Aaron Jr, Anna
The first tube riders of the day.

At one point, the tube caught a LITTLE bit of air and that is when Aaron Jr had it. He started crying and then was just not happy. :) So, his turn was over... for now.

Zach, Julia, Sophie

Julia, Robert, Anna

 Me (Leslie) smashing Julia. Robert was bounced off into the water.
This was so much fun.
Sorry Julia. :)

 Robert, Julia, Me (Leslie)

 My turn to be bounced around pretty good.

 I was being bounced right out of my seat... and trying to hold on for dear life.
But I did finally bounce right off and into the water.

So, we switched sides and then Robert got bounced off again. :)
 Julia, Sophie, Anna

 Robert and Aaron Jr.
Scott and Aaron Jr.

 Aaron Jr, Teresa, Lily
Teresa's bad back made it so she had to go on a ride where they took it easy. And after coaxing Aaron Jr back onto the tube, Lily reluctantly got on the tube as well. It took a while for Lily to warm up to it, but eventually was smiling from ear to ear.
 Zach, Anna, Sophie

 Lori and Michael
and Scott

 Then these seasoned veterans on the tube decided to show us a few trick rides.
Julia, Sophie, Anna

 Julia, Me (Leslie), Anna
Another wild ride.

 Robert went on a ride solo because he wanted Scott to try to do anything and everything to get him off of the tube. He was going so fast, it was crazy. He finally did come off of the tube... and was SO worn out after that ride.

 Zach, Julia, Sophie

 Aaron Jr, Me (Leslie), Lily

 I thought I would try a trick as well.

 One last ride for Aaron Jr, Teresa, and Lily.

Aaron Jr was getting brave...

Then with a little help from Teresa, Aaron Jr and Lily both got brave.
 My sweet boy.
He had a blast and so did I.

Thanks to Scott and Lori and their family...
it was SO much fun.
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