Monday, September 19, 2011

Random August ~ 2011

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 Spent some time at Lagoon with my sister Lisa's family.
Henry, Aaron, Angus, Stella

 Gus, Stella, Aaron

 Aaron Jr helping Grandpa put together a bistro chair.

 And the finished product.
Aaron had bought about thirty of these chairs in boxes before he passed away. I put about 15 ish of them together a few years ago and sold them, these were the last four that we were putting together that day. They are now sold as well.

 Another trip to Lagoon with my friend Lisa and her kids.

 Kris, MiRanda, and Zellie
This is the day their little girl Zellie was sealed to them in the temple.
They adopted her earlier in the year.
It was a beautiful ceremony.
MiRanda asked me to take photos of them afterwards outside the temple.
Here are a few shots.

 An eternal family.

 Me (Leslie), MiRanda, Zellie, Kerianne

Ethan, Ashton, Averie, Aaron Jr 
We spent the night at my friend Lisa's house (my fellow widow friend) and we had a blast. Aaron played with her kids and Lisa and I just relaxed.

Aaron Jr.

This was Aaron Jr on the drive home. He was SO tired and worn out.

I didn't even realize Aaron's hair was this long until my brother used a lawn blower thingy on every side of Aaron's hair. He was lookin' pretty fly. :)

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