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I want to introduce you to Alvin.
He is my cousin's little boy.
Isn't he sweet?

A few weeks ago, on June 16th, my cousin was running an errand that morning and was stopped at a stoplight. My cousin was driving, her oldest son was in the passenger seat, her daughter was in the middle seat of the van, and Alvin was in the back seat of the van. They were all wearing seatbelts and were properly restrained in car seats if they needed them.
As they sat at that stop light waiting for a green light, out of nowhere, they were rear ended by an SUV traveling at least 60 miles per hour. It threw their van 200 feet forward and smashed in the rear of the van all the way to the middle seat.
My cousin and her son in the front seat with her were okay, but her daughter suffered a lacerated liver, and her sweet little 5 year old boy, Alvin, was unconscious. For the next 24 hours, he was in a coma and was finally taken off of life support and passed away in the arms of his mom and dad on Father's Day.
It just breaks my heart.
To read a little more about it, you can go to THIS article.

That next Saturday, we attended the funeral services in Idaho.
The funeral was amazing and we got to hear about my cousin's last morning at home with her little boy. We got to listen to memories of this sweet boy and how much he was and is loved by his family. We got to listen to them speak about their faith in Christ and about their knowledge that families can be together forever through the plan of our Father in Heaven.

After the service, there was a police escort to the cemetery. I have never been involved in one of those before, but it was an amazing thing to be a part of. It was an honor. And sweet little Alvin deserved that honor.

I took some photos at the graveside, and here are just a few that I thought I would share.
This is my cousin, Linda, her husband, Danny, and their oldest, Kal, and their daughter, Lorna.

Alvin's brother, Kal.

Alvin's sister, Lorna.

Linda and Danny saying good bye.

My cousin, Linda, walking away from the casket for the last time.
I don't know how she did it.
When Aaron passed away, I was the last one with his casket and I took forever to walk away... I just wanted to know for sure that he was okay and I had a hard time leaving when he was just still laying there by himself.
I just know that it would be even more difficult walking away from the casket of one of your children... knowing you are their protector... it would just be too much to bear.
She turned a couple of feet away from the casket and blew one last kiss to Alvin.
It broke my heart.

Danny and Linda
It makes me cry when I look at this one.
The emotion in this one is just so tender.

This is their sweet family.
Their forever family.

I sure do love them.
What a blessing we have in the knowledge of God's plan for us.

I pray that God will be with them... until they get to meet again.

We love you, Linda and Danny.

Here is his obituary:

Alvin Daniel Strauss of Star, ID passed away in the arms of his parents in Boise, on Father's Day, June 17, 2012 at the young age of 5. Alvin was on his way to receive a late birthday present from a favorite cousin. On route, Alvin's family was in a serious automobile accident. He and his sister were immediately cared for by first responders from the Eagle Fire Station, Paramedics and Ada County Sheriff deputies. For the next several hours Alvin's Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins arrived from Utah and surrounding areas. They and countless others were continually praying for healing and support for Alvin and his family. Despite best efforts of the Pediatric ICU, Alvin was taken home to his Father in Heaven. Alvin was born on a perfect spring morning, April 12th 2007 in the St Luke's downtown Hospital to Daniel Ray Strauss and Linda Marie (Higginson) Strauss. He is the youngest brother of Kalel Edmond Strauss age 8, and Lorna Marie Strauss age 7. He will be greatly missed by his whole family. He has a special relationship with each one of them. He was his mother's little shadow from the day he was born. He was nurtured solely by his mother. He loved what she loved. They ran, danced, sewed, cooked, tumbled and sang together. He even loved the classic musicals like "Hello Dolly" and "Oliver". The night before the accident he watched "Summer Magic" cuddled close to his father and brother. He was his dad's perfect little boy in every way. He always volunteered to work along side his father as if he had a paying job and would say "Look! I'm doing work!" He was the family comedian and went along with his sister's whims, happily willing to be made into a human mud pie. She also applied her hair-cutting skills. Alvin loved Lorna so much that he would come to her rescue if anyone dared hurt her. Alvin was best friends with his brother Kal. They were inseparable. They share the same love of Star Wars "Cwones" and Indiana Jones. They remain inseparable, still. His unforgettable deep brown eyes and loving smile help us retain his angelic spirit. He always volunteered to give prayer at mealtimes and at night with the family before they went to bed. He would not let us forget what matters most. His example of pure love has touched thousands of lives and will continue to influence our choices as we look forward to being reunited with him for eternity.
Go to for a more detailed account of Alvin's life.
Contributions can be made for expenses accrued at any Zion's Bank branch in the name of Alvin Strauss Donations.

Read more here:
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Tracie said...

How horrible, what a handsome boy. Condolences to you and your family, thank heavens Families are Forever.

Chris and Kristy said...

I can not even begin to understand what the family must be feeling. He is darling and I'm sure life is so still without him here. My heart is just so sad for everyone involved. Reminds me to enjoy every day we have together with those we love. I'm so sorry for your family's loss.