Monday, July 16, 2012

Random June ~ 2012

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New hair cut. Aaron wanted a faux hawk. It looks so cute.

I took Lisa's kids for a haircut, so Aaron got one as well.
They are so cute.

The dog next door.
Aaron has loved getting hugs from her.

This is the remnants of a sticker page.
I guess its fun to put it on his face.

 A couple of Aaron's creations.

A simple outing to the park of course has to turn into a mud fight in the stream.
 Why is mud so much fun to play in? I loved it when I was a kid. In fact,
I have been wanting to make mud pies with Aaron Jr, I think that will be a goal this summer.

Kerianne's kids with Aaron.

We went to a Salt Lake Bees game.
I think the sun is a little bright. :)
Aaron insisted on wearing his T-ball uniform to the game.

Bees game and my knees.
I guess you could call them the Bees Knees. :)

Aaron with Malia and Isaac
and the little critter on Aaron's finger.

I'm working again this summer / fall at the farmers market with Kerianne.

The local paper took our photo without us knowing and this photo was in the paper that next week.
Kinda funny. It is my 15 minutes of "fame", I guess.

I am obsessed with zuccini and squash this summer.
This is how I have been cooking it so far and it is so yummy.
I can't get enough of it and I have convinced Aaron to like it.
Let me tell you something about my son... all I have to do to get him to try something is to tell him that it is healthy and then tell him that we can look up what good things it does for our bodies. Once I tell him the health benefits of a certain food, he is willing to try it and usually ends up liking it.
I love it. He will eat tuna because it is good for his brain, he will eat carrots because they are good for his eyes... and so on.


 When Spencer and Kristi's family was here in town, Aaron wanted to show off his faux hawk one day, then Luke and Benny wanted their hair the same way. It looked so cute.
We sure loved having them in town. We always have fun with them.

Tawnie and John and Aaron and I hosted a party at their house. It was a cousin's water party.
The kids had a water fight and played on the slip n slide. We ate lunch and had a nice visit.
It is not like me to take so few photos, but it was so hot... I wanted to be in the shade.
It was fun. It was the second year we were able to use the slip n slide and now it has been thrown out. I think it served us well. We will need a new one for next year's party.
Aaron has been so excited to host his slip n slide party each summer... and can't wait for the next one.

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Kristi said...

Fun fun. Glad we could be there for some of it.
Love you guys

Tiffany said...

Okay, I don't know what's cuter, his haircut or your pigtails!!! So cute!!!!!! What a fun summer you are giving him, what a good mom :)

John said...
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