Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thankful Tree

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We went to my sister Karey's house for Thanksgiving this year.
A couple of my brothers' families came as well.
Here is Aaron with a piece of pumpkin pie. Mmm...

Karey's family had made a poster that they had painted a 'Thankful Tree' on.
They also cut out a bunch of little leaves out of paper and we were all supposed to write things that we are thankful for on those leaves, then hang them on the tree.

My thankful leaves were things like:
Aaron Jr
Jesus Christ
The Gospel
I am so blessed.

Aaron Jr wrote all of the things in these photos below:
(I will translate below each photo.)

"I am grateful for Jesus"

"I am grateful for Mom"

"I am grateful for Pizza Pie"

"I am grateful for my cousins"

  "my uncles, P.S."

"Ode my dog"

"I am grateful for me"

"my friends"

"I am grateful for stuff"

"I am grateful for trees, P.S."

"Pie, P.S."

The Thankful Tree
Thanks Karey's family!

Thanksgiving with the other side of the family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tawnie said...

I love her tree. John made me a turkey out of paper and I had everyone trace their hand and cut it out and write what they are thankful for on it. Then we stuck our hands on the turkey as the feathers. I love that she had everyone do something too. Happy thanks!! Love you lelsie. You've got yourself a cute boy there.