Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First Half of November...

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Saturday, November 3rd, we went to the park as a family. It was so much fun. Aaron Jr LOVES the park. He loves to slide and swing. I wanted a photo of him holding both of our hands... and I got this.

This is a photo of the three of us walking towards the playground equipment while the sun is setting behind us. Wow, we look tall.

Aaron got Ode to join in on the fun. He wouldn't slide down, but would jump from almost the top every time.

Aaron helping Aaron Jr climb the wall. You can't tell very well, but Aaron Jr's mouth is wide open... I don't remember if he was screaming or laughing. He seemed to be having fun with it.

Leslie and Aaron Jr. He seems to be done with this ride by the time the photo was taken.

Our family. Ode, Aaron, Aaron Jr, Leslie

Ode wasn't staying with us as well as Aaron wanted, so he told him to 'SIT' so that he could have him obey better. As soon as he said 'SIT' and Ode sat... so did Aaron Jr. Then they both watched Aaron for the next order. I thought it was funny.

Aaron Jr and Ode. I just liked this photo with the sun behind them.

This was on our way home. Aaron Jr walked the whole way with his left hand in his pocket and honestly... he was strutting. It was so cute. It looks like he is whistling or something here, but he wasn't. He just kept talking to himself. I love it.

November 6... at the park again. Aaron Jr going down a big and fast slide by himself.

Dinner with friends. Kaylynn, Kerianne, Leslie

Saturday, November 10, Aaron's cousin, Tracy's baby shower. Malia and Aaron Jr seemed to be quite good friends this day. They were having a little picnic outside on the porch.


Then, out back they had a fun swing, so the kids played on that for a little while.

Malia enjoying the swing... Aaron Jr trying to get out of the way before it hits him.

Monday, November 12, I had some errands to run in Provo, so I went by to see Lisa (my cousins wife). Their son Vaughn is only a few months older than Aaron Jr. This is them watching fire trucks and ambulances get a car accident cleaned up right by their house.

Aaron Jr and Vaughn on their front porch. Thanks for letting me intrude on your day, Lisa. It was fun.

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Kristi said...

I love your journal blogging. I like that I can catch up on what you have been doing. Looks like good times. Aaron is so cute. He seems to be all boy. I can't wait for He and Luke to get together again and play. Cute pictures. Love you guys.

Karey said...

Great pictures. Love the picture of you guys holding A.J.s hands. Very artsy shadow pictures. I like them. The boys watching the accident clean-up is cute, but are they going to need therapy after that? Keep blogging. Love you,

Tawnie said...

Wow. The photographer in you really comes out in these pics.
Aaron is adorable. You have a cute family.
Love ya!!

The Barbers said...

What a fun first half of the month! I love the park pictures! What a cute family!!!

K&K&kids said...

Cute pictures. I can't believe how big Aaron Jr. is getting! He looks like a "kid" in these pics!

christa said...

I'm so sad the park days are coming to an end. Cute pictures.

Melinda said...

Aaron Jr. is so cute!! Thanks for sharing pictures.