Saturday, November 24, 2007

If You're Going To San Francisco...

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We went to San Francisco the weekend before Thanksgiving to visit some friends out there. Rob and Kaily and their kids are there for Dental School and we wanted to visit them before they were done and moved away. Here are lots of photos from our VERY fun vacation to see them.
p.s. when the music stops, go to the player on the bottom of the right hand column and push play again... it is fun to listen to while you are looking at all of the San Francisco photos. Enjoy...

Even though this photo was taken at the end of the trip... I wanted the first photo to be one that showed that we were in San Francisco. There is the Golden Gate Bridge behind us. You can tell that Aaron Jr was pretty cold and sick of posing for photos. He was a great sport.

The guys went out and sat in the hot tub several times while we were there. It was the 'guy time'. They took Aaron Jr and Jakson with them a couple of times. They had a lot of fun.

Jakson and Aaron Jr on the slide at a neat park in the middle of San Francisco.

Aaron Jr and Quincy swinging at the same park.

Aaron Jr.

Aaron Jr, Kaily, Jakson leaving the park to go and eat.

Aaron Jr.

This restaurant was on Fisherman's Wharf. I (Leslie) shared a kids meal with Aaron Jr while the other adults ate all you can eat crab. It was a really fun place with a great view... and I hear they had great crab as well. Aaron, Leslie, Aaron Jr, Jakson, Kaily, Rob (Quincy was in the stroller to the right). If it looks like Aaron Jr is crying, he was... he had just hit his cheek on the edge of the table and was hurt. We didn't realize it until after the photo was taken. Poor guy.
p.s. you can see Alcatraz in the top left corner of the photo just above Aaron's head.

View from the restaurant.

Rob, Kaily, Quincy, Jakson (in the back of the stroller)

Aaron Jr and Aaron watching the seals sun bathe.

Leslie, Aaron Jr, Aaron

We went over to Pier 39 and ordered these crepes with bananas and Nutella on them. These two that he is making are ours. They were scrumptious. Thanks again Rob and Kaily.
p.s. you can see Rob's reflection in the window right behind another guy's reflection.

These photos were taken on our way back over the bridge to their apartment. It was so foggy on the bridge.

Aaron Jr, Quincy, Jakson on the stairs in their apartment.

That night, we got a babysitter for all of the kids and the four of us went bowling. Here is a shot of each of us using our great bowling form.
Aaron (top, left), Leslie (top, right), Kaily (bottom, left), Rob (bottom, right)

Here is a shot of each of us just after turning around. I thought each reaction would show how we did on our throw down the lane. Aaron, Leslie, Rob, Kaily

Rob and Kaily

Aaron and Leslie (for some reason Aaron's eyes are closed in lots of photos)

We didn't get any photos of Sunday evening, but Thank You to Scott and Malory and Rob Sr and Dorothy for dinner. It was yummy. (Scott is Rob's brother who is also going to Dental School, Malory is his wife, and Rob Sr and Dorothy are their parents)

Aaron and Quincy. She put on her brother's underpants.
(photo courtesy of Kaily)

Aaron, Leslie, Rob, Kaily

Aaron Jr, Quincy, Jakson just before we left on Monday morning. You can tell they are all really excited.

I couldn't resist putting this photo in here. Quincy is just precious.

* * *
After we said goodbye to our gracious hosts... we drove to the Golden Gate Bridge to see if we could get some good photos before we left town. These are the photos at different spots that we stopped. It is amazing to me how much the lighting and sky changed color in the hour or so that we were taking the photos along this road. It was so beautiful, but cold. The first ones are of a lighthouse we found along the way. It was a small lighthouse, so you can't see it real well, but it is a pretty scene.



A group of deer eating.


Thanks to Rob and Kaily for the fun weekend. We had a blast.


* * *


Liz said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. I love how you circled the deer!

Tawnie said...

Beautiful pics. Looks familiar. Too bad we couldn't at least wave as we passed each other.
I love the picture of the four single shots together of the end of a bowling turn.
Very cute.

April said...

Now when are you going to visit us, your FAMILY??? JK, it looks like you had fun with old friends. I'm glad to see friendships last. Rob and Aaron have done a lot together and I hope they make sure to continue their friendship... they are good for eachother. Love you. See you soon, but not soon enough.

The Barbers said...

What a fun trip! You guys looked so cute! I love the bench picture. That nust be yours?!? We need to go somewhere with you guys again, like Moab a couple of years ago. Maybe if we move even farther away, we'll see you more often :) Fun times!

Lorianne said...

What beautiful scenery. Those are some great pictures! Looks like lots of fun. I am sure AJ had a blast with thrir kids. Cute!

Melinda said...

What a fun trip! We enjoyed San Francisco a few years ago... but could only stay there for 1 day, so we didn't get to see all we would have wanted to.

Melinda said...

What a fun trip! We enjoyed San Francisco a few years ago... but could only stay there for 1 day, so we didn't get to see all we would have wanted to.

seesalou said...

beautiful pictures of the scenery. adorable children...all of them.

Kristi said...

How fun. I didn't even know you were going. It looks like you had fun. We have only been to San Francisco once, but it sure is neat. Vacations are the best aren't they? Neat pictures and cute kids. How much longer until Rob is done? There is a couple in our ward that just came from dental school in San Francisco. Is there more than one school?

Kristi said...

I had to revisit your blog after the events of yesterday. I'm glad that you got have one last trip together, even if you didn't know it was the last.
We love you tremendously and our hearts are breaking for you and little Aaron. I'm sure glad that you named him Aaron, especially now.

smacfam said...

Just wanted to let you know that you and little Aaron are in our prayers and may the Lord be with you at this time. We are sick for you --- Aaron was a pretty special guy. Steve and Christa sure did adore him. Bless your family. Love, Shawn and Stacy Macdonald (Christa's older Brother)

Scott&Mal said...

Leslie... I wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and our prayers and that we are thinking of you and your little boy every second of the day! We so enjoyed having you in our home on your trip! Scott loved Aaron tremendously, and has only great and amazing things to say about him and your beautiful family!!! We love you and we'll pray for you every day!!! Scott & Malarie Whiting

Kristy G. said...

My thoughts and prayers are also with you and Aaron, Jr. Hopefully we'll be able to chat soon.

Karlyn said...

I'm not exactly sure what to say. After reading the newspaper, I did a search and stumbled across your family blog.

Leslie, I am so sorry. I know that nothing I say can comfort you. But you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. I am so thankful that you have such an incredible family that will be there to hold and support you.

I am sorry I haven't stayed in contact over the years, we really had a ton of fun together.

I know this isn't saying much, but PLEASE, if you need anything, anything at all, I am just a phone call/e-mail away.

Karey said...

We got home this evening from the funeral and I wanted to look at your blog again. I hadn't even had a chance to comment on what a great trip this looked like when we learned of the tragedy. I'm so grateful we could be there during these last few days. We love you and Aaron Jr. and we love big Aaron, too. We miss him already. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers and we look forward to you visiting us. So sad Aaron was only able to come stay with us once. God bless you all! Love the White family