Friday, May 8, 2009

Tiptoe Through The Tulips

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Last month, we went to Thanksgiving Point to the Tulip Festival. It is something I have always wanted to do... and I finally did it. We made it a girls day when April was in town and we took all of the kids with us. There isn't a lot of explanation necessary, so just enjoy the photos...

Aaron Jr and Me (Leslie)
Aaron thought we were going to swim, so he took his shirt off. :)

Malia, Isaac, Grace, Susie, Aaron Jr, Ava, Pearl, Sophia, Lennon
(a.k.a. all 9 of the Harkness grandkids) and Grandma Sue

Grace, Malia, Aaron Jr * * * April, Susie, Dorothy (April's mother in law)
Susie, Pearl, Malia, Grace

Aaron Jr with Grandma * * * Christa, Malia, Isaac

Grace, Sadie, Ava, Sophia, Pearl
Susie, April, Lennon

The tulips were gorgeous. Thanks for the fun day ladies. We had a great time.

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amanda said...

Those pictures are beautiful. My mom's favorite flower was a tulip so Brett bought me tons of the bulbs from Thanksgiving Point when they dig them up. I can't believe they replant the bulbs every year. They sell them very cheap in the fall.
Aaron Jr. is getting so big. What a joy!!

Kristi said...

love 'em. Spring is the best!

Mindy said...

OH, I love tulips!!! Your pictures are gorgeous! You should check out this photography challenge blog that I'm on... you get a word 2x a week that you have to go out that day and take a picture of... it's kind of fun, and gets me thinking and practicing! :) It's I'm sure your pictures would inspire everyone!!

Joann said...

I have wanted to go to the tulip festival for a long time. Looks like you guys had a great time. I LOVE that first picture!

dani said...

tulips are my very favorite flowers of all, leslie:) and, your photos are gorgeous!!!
i hope you will have a lovely mother's day tomorrow with your little aaron jr:D
much love,
dani xxx

Liz said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I miss your smile:)