Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Activities

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My sister is selling her designs online and this is the link: StellaMerle

Lots of photos in this posting... lots going on in the month of April. Here are some random things we did...

Aaron Jr. was in the bath one day and he was playing with these two dinosaurs. He said that the orange one is Mommy and the green one is Daddy... then he put their mouths together as though they were kissing.

These photos are of the Harkness side of the family at the Discovery Gateway in Salt Lake. It was for Isaac's birthday. They had a blast as they 'discovered'. In these photos you will see all of these Harkness cousins: Aaron Jr, Isaac, Malia, Grace, Pearl, Sophia, and Ava and Grandpa and Grandma Harkness as well.

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Top left photo, Aaron Jr is trying to catch the bird sitting on the fence at the top. He chased it the best he could.

Aaron Jr. in time out watching the other kids play. :(

Aaron Jr and Me

My sister Karey has been designing clothing and selling them online. Here is one of her masterpieces. She sells under the name of StellaMerle, which is both of our grandmother's names. Stella and Merle. The base of the dress is white cotton and then it has over 600 of these handmade 'yo-yos' sewn onto it separately by hand. It could be a short, cute wedding dress OR it could be worn with jeans like I am wearing. If you saw this dress in person, you would be amazed at this dress and the time it took to create it. Last Saturday, I went with her on a photo shoot to get photos of her clothes being worn by a model. She used Rob Higginson Photography (a.k.a. my brother) to take the photos. These photos are on his photography blog at this site: Rob Higginson Photo Blog. My sister is selling her creations on a site called Etsy. This is her link: StellaMerle. Click the link and check out her stuff.

Yes, Aaron Jr still takes a bath in the sink at my parent's house... and he loves it. The direction he is facing is where the TV is and he watches movies there while he bathes. :)

My nephews: Angus and Michael after eating fudgecicles.

Aaron Jr. helping me put together some bistro chairs to sell at Secret Haven. Look at the concentration... good with tools like his Daddy.

My niece, Stella with Aaron Jr.

Aaron Jr. in Daddy's swimsuit.

We made German Pancakes the other day. Aaron Jr. has been in the habit of using his hands like a spokes model to show things off lately. It has been cracking me up. TOP LEFT CORNER: what happened to this pan of brownies you might ask? answer: Aaron Jr. happened to this pan of brownies. gotta laugh now. :)

Stella again... she is so sweet. I tried to get an equally sweet photo of Aaron Jr and he would only give me these faces... it was hard for him not to smile through these scowls.

We went with my Harkness sisters to the Gateway Plaza in Salt Lake so the kids could play in the fountain there. They had a blast. Here are the photos from that. This one is Aaron Jr. looking so tough.

I love the water in this one... Aaron Jr.

Susen and Robert Lennon


Malia and Isaac

Malia and Sophia

Lillie Pearl

Aaron Jr.

Aaron Jr and Malia

My nephew, Nate at his high school soccer game. Then Aaron Jr with my nieces, Kristina

Some of the sisters on the Higginson side of the family came to our house to help us clear out the flower beds and clean up the yard a bit. There were some really dead and really dry things out in the garden that I thought would be a good idea to burn... so we did. :) In this grouping of photos: Leslie (me), Aaron Jr, Jack (my nephew), Sam (my nephew).

Here is the clean up crew: Tawnie (holding Sam), Suzy (holding Evelyn), Teresa, and Me
Karey had been there but had to leave early. Thanks girls... I am so grateful. It looks GREAT! Love you all.

My Dad, and three of my brothers, Richard, Nairn, and Robert taking all of the larger power tools from Aaron's shop into my brothers warehouse. He bought all of the larger ones from me and is setting them up to use. Aaron's brother, Steve bought some of the smaller power tools. I am glad they all went to family. It was really difficult watching all of Aaron's tools be set up somewhere else... I am glad they are there, but I had a difficult day that day. Thanks Richard and Steve and all who helped moved the tools.
The bottom photo is of a board with some of Aaron's writing on it. They were measurements he needed for pieces of furniture. I had to take a photo.

April flew in from Chicago with her two kids. The high school was having their spring dance concert and they were having some of the alumni come and do a dance. April danced in it and she did a wonderful job. It is fun to watch her dance. She is very graceful and dances beautifully. Loved it April.

Suzy cut some of our hair a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Suzy!!! Here are my twin nieces getting their hair chopped off. I am so intrigued by identical twins... I find it all fascinating. Here are the before and afters...
Elise is in the top two photos and Hannah is in the bottom two photos.

Hannah and Elise ... then ... Elise and Hannah

Aaron Jr wanted his hair cut while he watched them get their hair cut... so I cut his hair. I think I did pretty good. I didn't take a lot off, but did the sides and the back. :)

Aaron Jr was trying to find bugs in the dirt the other day and I called him in to eat lunch. So he came in and I asked him to say the blessing on the food. So, he folded his arms and closed his eyes and this was the prayer:
"Heavenly Father... thankful for this day. Thankful for this food. Help me find spiders, 'tatoes, and SCARIES... in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."
I took this photo later, but this is what he did when he said the word 'SCARIES'. He kept his eyes closed and he put his hands up by his face and as he wiggled his fingers in a scary way, he said the word 'SCARIES' in a high pitched, scary voice. My mom, my sister and I all laughed so hard afterwards. It was so cute. It has become my favorite story to tell lately. I had to get it written with a re-enacted photo.

I am sure it isn't difficult to see why this little boy brings me such joy in my life. I love you so much, Aaron Jr.

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Joann said...

Leslie, I love, love, LOVE the pictures at the fountain. You are so talented! And, I love all the Aaron-isms. What a joyful little guy you have! Let's get together again, soon!

K and K and kids said...

Wow...tons going on. Great pictures! I had to laugh because I have a picture of Eli sitting against the wall having a time-out at Discovery Gateway last summer. Funny.

Kate, Alek, Hank, and Cash (RIP RED) said...

Thank you for sharing such wonderful stories and pictures. You look great in the white dress by the way and I would so wear it just like you had it with jeans under it.......She is very talented it is a beautiful peice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

That little Aaron cracks me up. What a funny little guy he is.

You know - you should have done the modelling for the clothes. You are stunning my friend!



Lisa (seesalou) said...

there are sure a lot of fun pictures there. i loved seeing the ones of my kids too! and i love that story about aaron & his scaries.

Kristi said...

Spring has been good to you. It looks like you have done a lot of fun things. Aaron's prayer is hilarious. Wish we could be there for some of these fun times. Love you guys lots and lots.