Thursday, May 20, 2010

Triathlon # 3

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I had to bribe Aaron to leave this gravel pit in order to get him to come and pose in a photo with me. This is after the race.

So, I had not planned on running in this triathlon, but when I heard that two of my brothers and a brother in law of mine were going to run in it, I wanted to run in it. But I didn't want to run it as the only girl running it, so I didn't sign up until three of my sister in laws decided to right before. It was hard... I didn't feel as ready this time as I did last summer, but I am glad I did it and I hope I feel more ready for the next one.

John R, John H, Mark, Leslie (me) ~ before the race.

Christa, Leslie, April, Sadie ~ before the race.

The left is me just barely starting the running leg telling Aaron Jr in sign language that I LOVE HIM... and with jelly legs after riding the bike.
The right one is a crazy woman running through. Watch out! It is of me just a few yards from the finish line. I am a weirdo.

Crossing the finish line. I got done, took a bow to my family, and then I was approached by the lady who was supposed to put a medal around my neck telling me that they had just run out, but that she would get one to me. So, I was the first person to cross who didn't get one. :) Hahaha. So the medal I am wearing in the photos is borrowed... Anyhow, a couple of days ago, I received my medal in the mail. It didn't feel quite the same as if I had received it at the finish line, but it will do. :) SO funny.

John R, John H, Leslie, Mark ~ after the race.

Leslie, Christa, Sadie, April ~ after the race.


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Claire said...

Well done! I'm tired after looking at your photos!

Kristi said...

Nice work! I want to do one. It'll have to be next summer for me. I bet it was fun racing with so many family members.

Haley said...

I have tri #1 tomorrow. I'm way nervous!

kerianne said...

Fantastic job, Les. Who knew... THREE triathalons from a girl who told blonde runner... "I think about exercising a lot" (I'm not sure if that's exactly what you said, but something to that effect! LOL). You're amazing.

Leslie said...


i wish i could remember my exact words that night. all i know is that she still did not inspire me to do a triathlon after paying that $10 to learn about clothing and strategy.

it took you and me challenging each other with the idea of running in one. it was pride. i didn't want to be outdone. (even though you totally beat me)

April said...

Yes, we are pretty much AWESOME! ;) (If awesome is defined as: signing up for a triathlon when you haven't trained for it... or is that the definition for CRAZY?)