Thursday, June 3, 2010

Portland Temple

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This is my Aunt Pauline, Uncle Frank, and my Mom, Karen.
These are three of the 11 kids in my mom's family. My Uncle Frank was diagnosed with cancer last year and has been fighting it ever since. He has been in our prayers and he is doing well.
Last Saturday, May 29th, those of us who could make it, all met at the Portland Temple and were there to go through the temple with Uncle Frank as he took out his endowment. It was such a neat experience at the temple. My mom and her sister were overjoyed all day as they were able to watch their brother have this experience. Aunt Pauline has been fighting her own health problems, so it was great that she could be there. My dad and Uncle Robert went through for two of my other uncles in their family who have passed away. Then after the endowment session, we went into a sealing room where Uncle Robert and Aunt Pauline acted for my grandparents, and Spencer acted for one of the uncles who has passed away and they were all sealed to their parents. The priesthood power which allows families to be sealed together is amazing. There were many tears shed and the spirit was really strong. The feeling was so peaceful and lovely.

It was so nice to see Uncle Frank, Aunt Pauline, and Uncle Robert. They all live out of state and it was so great to be able to spend some time with them.

This is the group who attended that day.
Back row: Spencer, Kristi, Leslie (me)
Front row: Uncle Robert, Aunt Pauline, Karen (mom), Uncle Frank, Lynn (dad)

And here we are with the kids. We all wanted to be able to go to the temple that day, so we called around the Portland area to some members of our church up there and a Bishops wife offered to send out an email to members of their ward with our phone number in it and explaining the situation. Kristi got a phonecall from a lady in that ward who has a couple of teenage boys who are trying to earn money for scout camp and said that they would be happy to babysit our kids that day while we went to the temple. It was so nice of them and it was really great to be able to all go together and bring the kids on the little weekend trip with us. This is when we picked them up after the temple at that family's house. It sure is nice to be able to call on fellow members of our church in any area of the world and find people willing to serve. Its what it is all about.

It was such a brilliant day.

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kerianne said...


Do you have this in pink? said...

Leslie. it sounds like a wonderful experience and you are blessed to be able to call on others who are so willing to help. One question, why is your uncle wearing 2 ties?

Leslie said...

oh yeah. oops. i should have mentioned that. :)
my uncle is wearing two ties because after we were done at the temple, my brother spencer took his own tie off and gave it to my uncle as a gift for such a special day.

he did that right before the photos, so that is why he is wearing two ties in the photos. :)

thanks for asking. how have you been? i need to check out your blog...