Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random May & Other Catch Ups

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I had to put this one in because I REALLY REALLY REALLY want the Boston Celtics to beat the Los Angeles Lakers SO badly.
I bought this shirt recently for Aaron, but I actually remember that game back in 1986 when the Celtics beat the Lakers. It is one of my fondest memories of watching sports on TV while growing up. My family were HUGE Celtics fans and it was a very HAPPY moment for us when they won. So... here's hoping for a repeat of 1986.

Aaron with my oldest nephew / his oldest cousin, Richard.
Then Aaron pumping up his tires when we still lived in Lehi. We sure miss Lehi... :( .

Aaron walking Ode when we went for a walk with my sister and some of her kids.

And more of Aaron walking Ode and such. The top photo of him crying is when he was forced him to let the other kids hold the leash and walk Ode.

Hannah and Elise on their bikes. Stella walking Ode. Angus walking Ode. And Henry looking sweet and cute.

This was the day Aaron and I went and had an all day date for my birthday back in March.

And we topped the day off with bowling... it was fun.

He was pretty proud of himself...

Aaron in his Napoleon Dynamite outfit on the left. (unintentional)
Aaron with his bug catcher trap thingy on the right... with a June bug in it. Yes, I am the one who "gets" to help him catch his bugs... hahaha. Actually, I enjoy doing that stuff with him. I love this little boy.

When April and Dave were in town, we went to Fat Cats for April's birthday. Bowling and dinner and fun.

We also went to lunch at Paradise Bakery one day with all the gals. It was fun.
I think I kinda blend into the tree in the background with my dark hair. ;) Aaron is the one who is smiling while rubbing his eye. ;) hahaha. What a bunch of cute kids.

A fun day at the park with Lori and Lisa and their kids who are not in school.
Lily, Stella, and Aaron had an innovative way of sliding down the slide. Angus and Michael watch from afar on the bottom photo.

Sophia and Robbie L
Lila with a balloon and hair that is very full of static. And that is where we are now. Lila is Spencer and Kristi's little girl and we have been staying in Oregon with them again. Its so much fun. We have had a blast.
The bottom photo is of some of John R's famous home made brownies. We were waiting for them to cool before partaking of them and I accidentally bumped a pot of flowers with my elbow and of course it landed upside down RIGHT ON TOP of these scrumptious brownies. Aaron could not stop crying about it because he had been looking forward to that brownie the whole time they were in the oven... and we had already left their house when this happened... BUMMER.

And that does it for May.

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Lisa said...

fun random times. that walk was sure fun. especially a certain whiner that was along. ;) and i'm not talking about aaron jr.

Melissa said...

Sorry about the 'dirty' brownies. I would love the recipe to John's famous brownies, so I can make them as well!

Scott / Lori said...

Melissa, you can get that recipe on the Recipe Society. There is a link here on Leslie's blog.

Looks like May was full of lots of fun things. The park was fun, we need to do it again soon, before it is too hot. Welcome home! Oregon looks great as usual.