Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bonneville Salt Flats

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I forgot to post these photos. My brother offered to go out to the Bonneville Salt Flats out in western Utah one Saturday in October to take photos of anyone in our family who wanted to drive out there. So, several of my siblings and their families and my parents all went out there and we joined them. All the the photos in this posting were taken with my camera except the last three, which were taken by my brother with his awesome camera (a.k.a. my dream camera:). I wish I had taken photos of everyone else's families, but I was busy taking photos of Aaron Jr. There are loads of photos. I loved them all... narrowed it down as much as I could. I love them all, but they could get boring to others. :)

All of the kids had the chance to drive around in the big open and flat space out there. Aaron Jr loved it.

The salt did stick to everything. I had to take photos of my sister's family's car... the tires looked really cool.

These were fun. Teresa took a bunch of Aaron and me as we tried to get the perfect jumping shot.

My cute parents.

Thanks Robert and Teresa for your time and effort... and everyone who came. It was so much fun.

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Marc and Megan said...

Those are such cute pictures of you and Aaron! He is one blessed boy. You are an amazing Mom with all you do for and with him!

kerianne said...

AWESOME pictures. What a crazy piece of the earth...

Kristi said...

It is so empty out there. I love the couch just sitting there with mountains in the distance. You were getting some serious height in the jump shots. I think you are ready to leap the stage at our church again.

Allred Mom said...

Great pictures! Love the couch, chair, umbrella props, too! Fun day for you!

Rhitzclan said...

I LOVE, LoVe, love the pic of you and Aaron on the couch together with your hair down... could you be any more beautiful?? That is my FAV by far.

I want to get pics done there! It's freaking sweet!

Ross and Lea said...

I am so sorry that this is random. I was searching pictures of the SLC Temple and came across the picture on your blog. I am in the Young Womens Presidency, and am in need of an amazing picture of the temple for our girls, for the New Year. So I was wondering who took the picture and maybe if we could use it? If you can email me at and let me know. Thank you so much for your time.

LL said...

I love the one of the two of you on the couch--very cool!