Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Aaron Jr ! ~ 2010 (& Lisa)

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Today, December 1, is Aaron Jr's birthday. We had a great day together. We spent some time at my parents' house with my sisters, my parents, and a brother and some of their kids. I went up there to bake Aaron's cake and he got to play with some cousins for a little while.

I cannot believe my little boy is five years old already. Why does time have to fly so quickly? As I contemplated today about all of his birthdays so far, it was strange for me to think that he has had four birthdays now without his Dad here. Aaron only got to be here for the first birthday of Aaron Jr. It is still so strange to think that Aaron was gone only two days before Aaron Jr's second birthday. Kinda crazy. I am getting off track though.
I had wanted to do a posting where I posted a photo of Aaron Jr for each year of his life so far... but I have not gotten this year's photo back yet, so I guess that posting is yet to come. I also wanted to talk about Aaron and what he is doing and his interests... but I will do that in the same posting as his photos. I just wanted to make sure I got a posting done for his birthday today.

Happy Birthday, sweet Aaron Jr. I love you!

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December 1 is also my sister, Lisa's birthday. Since we saw her today at my parents' house, I thought I would give a shout out to her as well. My mom made her this pan of cinnamon rolls to take to her family.

Happy Birthday, Lisa! We love you!

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kerianne said...

Happy, Happy Bday Aaron! Your pizza & rootbeer party rocked :)