Monday, June 20, 2011

May Days

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Aaron Jr taking a turn...

Yee Haw!

Our make shift swimming pool, the bath tub. Stella and Aaron Jr.

My nephew David in one of his soccer games.

Bleeding Hearts flowers in my sisters front yard. SO beautiful.

The grandkids on the Harkness side.

My brother Mark at a concert he sang in.

Evelyn, Greta, Aaron Jr. We babysat Mark and Suzy's girls one night and Aaron Jr loved it. Greta cried every time Aaron left the room. These girls love him and he really loves them. Aaron loves babies and wants to have a baby brother or sister so badly.

I got a couple of phonecalls one morning last month from some friends. Chandra and Tamara, they are sisters. They were calling me to see if I would be willing to shoot some last minute engagement photos of their brother and his fiance. Their wedding was only three weeks away and they didn't have their invitations out because they still needed a photo. I wanted so badly to tell them no, but they were in a bind and I wanted to do a favor for my friends. I had anxiety about it all day and I told Tamara she needed to come along to help me with logistics. :) We took the photos on the grounds of the Bountiful Temple and I think they turned out pretty good. It was raining all day and the umbrella made the shots really fun. The tulips were out in full force and were gorgeous. Below are some of my favorites from the photo shoot.

After we were done, Aaron Jr and I took a walk around the temple and he had fun posing for me...

i LOVE him!

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Kristi said...

Great pictures. I need you to take a picture of our family next time we see you. You know, since we were sick last time we tried that.
May is beautiful.