Monday, June 13, 2011

Surprise Remodel

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Last year, when my parents went out of town, Lisa and I painted their laundry room for them as a surprise. Lisa's husband John came to help later in the day because we were not going to be finished by the time they got home. At first we were going to go more conservative and when we began painting, we hated the color. It was a VERY pale green and it ended up looking like the wall was dirty instead of painted. So, I went back to the store and Lisa stayed with the kids and was on the computer looking at paint colors to help me pick out a new color. She picked the color above. I kept telling her that it is pretty bright and she kept saying that it wasn't and that she was sure it would be great. (FYI: don't pick paint colors according to the online colors, they look WAY different on the computer :)

Anyhow, I got back to my parents with this color and when Lisa saw it, she just screamed 'NO!'. :) We had a good laugh and started painting. We were shocked, but kept going hoping we would love it once it was done.

And we did love it the further along we got. We love it and our parents LOVE it.

Funny story to go along with it: I told the story in the middle of a posting I did last year, so I will put a link for that posting HERE. It is a pretty funny story, an experience that I hope to never have happen again.

That was last year...

So, my parents were going out of town again and I got the family here at home involved to paint their living room and entry way. They have wanted their house painted for a long time, but have had a hard time agreeing on colors. So when they finally agreed on a couple of colors, we ran with it and surprised them when they got home from their trip. This is the trip they took to Missouri and were there with some of our Uncles and Aunts when the Joplin tornado hit. So we were very grateful to get them all home safely. :)

These two photos are 'before' photos...

And here is the finished product. Richard put in a lot of work to do the chair rail around the room so that we could do two colors and have a more finished looking room. It looks so great.
They colors are a greenish color on the bottom and a light yellow on top. It looks so different throughout the day as the light in the room changes.

Our parents LOVE it.

Us gals who were here helping.

The guys who were here helping.

We missed Spencer and Kristi, of course. They always wish they lived closer when we do these projects. Thanks to those spouses who helped by keeping kids at home. :)

Thanks for everyone's help! Sorry to have ideas that put you all to work, but we all work so great together to accomplish great things. :)

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Chris and Kristy said...

Surprise makeovers are so much fun! The memories made while planning and doing the work are just as great too. I think the conversations you have while working are some of the best ones. I imagine your parents are so happy with the final product, but even happier that their children enjoy being together, working hard together, and making memories together. Well done my friend!

Susan said...

I've read your blog a time or two but I didn't make the connection until recently that your dad was my 7th and 9th grade English teacher in Heber. His classroom was in the top of the old school that sat on Main Street and they said that he kept a bucket of water next to the fire escape and if you were playing around in there he would throw the water down the escape and you would be busted because you'd be soaked. Don't know if that was true or not, but it kept me out of the fire escape. One of the things that I remember from his class is that you could get extra credit points by reading books outside of class. It was a point per page for the first book. So I read Gone With the Wind (over 1000 pages) and earned a lot of extra credit. Well to be honest I read it in 7th grade and then faked the book report in 9th grade to get the points again. I also remember when Spencer was born your dad took suggestions from students for possible names. He made a list on the board and then "announced" the winner a few days later. I remember him always being fair and having a smile on his face.

Leslie said...

that is awesome. i am going to show my dad your comment when i am at my parents' house tomorrow.

he will be very excited to see it. and i am sure he will get a kick out of the gone with the wind book report thingy. :)

thank you for writing... i love hearing stories from my dad's teaching days. i was born in heber as well and we all love to go up there and to walsburg to see the school house where we lived. :)