Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Memorial Day ~ 2011

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We started the day out REALLY early in the morning and went with some of my family members to the cemetery where my great Grandparents are laid to rest. These are their headstones.
It is a little town called Far West.

This is the group who went to that cemetery. After we left there, we all went out to breakfast together at a little mom and pop diner. It was YUMMY!

Can you tell that Aaron Jr was still tired? Ha!
We all were...

This is the HATCH marker for all of our Hatch relatives that are there in that cemetery. Anna, Zach, Caroline, Kristina, Julia, Aaron Jr.

Next we went to the Bountiful Cemetery to remember my brother Bruce. This is the group who was there at that cemetery. He is laid to rest in Missouri, so when we moved to Utah, it was sad not to be able to visit his gravesite as often. We always go and visit his site when we are on vacation anywhere close to there, but my parents wanted a place here in Utah to be able to go and remember him. So, here it is...

Oh yeah, Aaron Jr. fell asleep before we got to this one.

Me parents at their headstone... that also includes the memorial on the front to my brother Bruce. It was SO nice to be able to put flowers somewhere for him We miss him and love him.

Next we went to the Salt Lake Cemetery to remember Aaron. This is the group who was there. Other families of mine went there throughout the day after we were there and I am so grateful to everyone who helps to remember Aaron with us.

Aaron Jr. and Me... at Aaron's headstone.
We love and miss him so much... every moment.

On the drive home from the Salt Lake Cemetery, my parents were kind enough to stop several times when I wanted to stop for a photo op. Here are some photos of Salt Lake City that I got that day.
The Salt Lake Temple is there kind of in the center... it looks so small next to those tall buildings.

The Salt Lake Temple with the Tabernacle.

The Utah Capitol Building from behind looking down State Street and out over the Salt Lake Valley.

Capitol Building.

Capitol Building.

Sorry, I just loved all of these...

The sun shine hit the Capitol building...

And from the front. The Utah State Capitol Building.

The Mormon Battalion Memorial at the Capitol Building.

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Anonymous said...

I've said it before (but I'II say it again!)...WOW. Aaron's headstone is remarkably beautiful. You should be so proud of it.


Kristi said...

The sky looks so cool in all of those SLC pictures. So many loved ones grave sites to visit. We just had a family barbecue. We didn't have any graves to visit.