Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Reunion ~ 2011

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Back: My Mom, Aunt Louise, Aunt Percy
Front: Uncle Carol, My Dad
The youngsters out for a joyride. :)

Out of the 8 siblings in my Dad's family, these were the three that were able to attend the reunion.
Uncle Carol, my Dad, Aunt Tam

Paddle boating with Aaron Jr.

Aaron Jr and Luke

Aaron Jr, Benny, Spencer, Luke, Zach

Bottom: Luke holding the dead fish he found in the pond, John R & Me cooking flapjacks.

Randomness at the reunion.

Me on the BIG swing.

Me on the BIG swing again.

Here is a demo about how you get swinging so high on the BIG swing. You get going, then someone (my brothers) grab the ankles on your way down and shove you forward, then other brothers shove each side of the swing to propel you forward more... they get you going SO high right over the water. It is so much fun.

Top: Spencer & Teresa on the BIG swing. Bottom: my Dad on the BIG swing.

Here are a couple of shots from down below the BIG swing. These are both of my Dad. My brother Mark got these.

My Dad driving around the train.

Here are some of my brothers and nephews and sister in law cooking and preparing crepes for the approximately 150 people at the reunion. They began in the daylight and ended well after dark. What troopers.

Aaron Jr and Me.

John R, Hannah, Elise, Stella, and Aaron Jr.
Then Aaron Jr and Stella and John R. John looks pretty relaxed there while the kids paddle him around. I wonder if he wants them to feed him some grapes as well? :)

Lil Spencer and Aaron

Top: The lifeguard area... everyone took turns being lifeguard on duty.

My cousin singing a tribute to their Dad... singing a duet with a recording of a song he wrote and recorded. My Aunt Louise talking about Uncle David. He sure was missed this year... he would have been there for sure and we missed him so much.
The quilt tops were sold in this year's auction. These are quilt tops that my Grandma made. She was a quilter and made SO many quilts. We have an auction each reunion to raise money for the next reunion. Everyone brings something to donate to the auction. The auction is one of the best parts of the reunion each time. It is so much fun.

Preparing for the team canoe races.

Canoe races.

My team on our leg of the race. You can see that we are sitting in the canoe backwards... that is why it felt like we were not moving quickly. Oh well. :)

Aaron Jr's team on their leg of the canoe race. They were one of the finalists... but sadly took second place I think.

Aaron and cousins.

Me, Lisa, Julie, Linda
We have always been close cousins.
I love all of my cousins.

Another shot of us on the paddle boat.

Aaron Jr and Me as the reunion came to a close. (awful camping hair, I know)
It sure was a fun reunion. I wish a had a photo of every person, but that would be so many. :)
We have a great family and I love them all.

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Chris and Kristy said...

That looks like such a fun place to have a reunion! I absolutely love swings and that BIG swing looks incredible. Such a great family. I'm sure many memories were made.

Kristi said...

Great reunion indeed.