Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random June ~ 2011

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Aaron Jr hiking on Holbrook Trail.

Stella and Aaron Jr ~ Me and Aaron Jr.

John and Lisa's family.

The water had hollowed out this log and now the river flows through the log. I thought it was pretty cool.

John, Hannah, and Elise climbing this thingy.

Lil John John playing baseball.

The moon while sitting at the baseball game.

Tawnie threw an ice cream party one day while Spencer and Kristi were in town. It sure was fun. The kids had a blast. Here are the kids who were there. THANKS Tawnie!

Zach, Spencer, Lila, Benny, Aaron, Luke

Mom getting a ride back to her car.

Mom in front of the home she was born in and lived in as a child.

Mom sitting between the graves of one of her brothers, Doyle, and one of her sisters, Lila. This sister passed away when she was just two days old.
We stopped here after the family reunion.

Here is the group who stopped at the cemetery after the reunion.

It was a beautiful cemetery. Here is the line of cars filing out. :)

This poor little boy.
Aaron Jr was leaning out the car window to say goodbye to Grandma and some cousins and when he was done, he started to roll up the window and then he started to cry in pain. He thought his head was clear of the window when he was pulling on the window thingy, but his depth perception was off, I guess, because he got a fat lip from the window smashing it.
Poor little guy.
Look how cute he still looks though. SO precious.

Fathers Day.

There was a bird that Aaron Jr was trying to sneak up on.

Here are photos of his skills as he sneaks up to the bird and plans his approach.

Still chasing the bird.

Grandpa and Grandma and Aaron Jr on Fathers Day at Aaron's cemetery.

Aaron Jr and Me at the cemetery on Fathers Day.
This was Fathers Day #4 that we have drive out to the cemetery to spend time with Aaron Jr's Father. I won't talk about how unfair that is. :) It was a very tough day for me. I was glad that Aaron Jr didn't want to go up to the front in Sacrament Meeting to sing with the other kids to their Fathers. He has done it before, but that might have been too much for me this year.
We sure miss him.

My sweet boy.

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Scott / Lori said...

Nice recap of June. Those pictures in Paul are great! I wish we could have stopped with everyone. Next time for sure. Oh, and poor Aaron's lip. That must have hurt!

Scott / Lori said...

Oh and p.s. I love that new picture of you and Aaron in your blog header. It is great.