Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Farmers Markets ~ 2011

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 Me (Leslie) and Aaron Jr at one of the Farmers Markets.

 My summer / fall job of working at the farmers markets ended this past week.
These are the markets I have worked at for the past four summers / falls with my friends Kerianne and Darci and various other helpers who are great.
This year, I worked at two or three per week and it is bitter sweet to see it end this year.
The money has been very helpful and it has been fun spending that time with friends,
but I am glad to have that time back to spend with Aaron Jr.
Oh yeah, and I will also miss all of the fresh produce that we get to eat from their farm all summer... Mmm... its so delicious!
It is also fun learning the difference between all of the peppers and winter squash and learning what a tomatillo is for. Fresh veggies sure are beautiful. I had my fair share of corn, zuccini, summer squash, and eggplant this year. Oh wow, it was always so delicious. One of the goals I had this year in regards to the market was to finally make salsa and can it, but once again, I let a year slip by without getting around to it. Next year for sure. :)

Aaron Jr got to come with us to the Salt Lake market on the last week to help out and he was such a great helper. He never stopped working even one time. Helping restock and add ice to the veggie boxes to keep them cool in the sun. He did great.

Me (Leslie) and Darci at another one of the Farmers Markets.

Me (Leslie) and Kerianne at another one of the Farmers Markets.

It was sure a fun year.
See you next summer girls (and hopefully lots of times before then, of course).

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Anonymous said...

I love all the colours in those boxes of goodness!


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