Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween ~ 2011

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This little boy is my SUPER HERO!!!

A neighbor of my parents gave this costume to Aaron Jr several years ago. It was too big at the time, so I put it away and loaned it out to cousins over the past few years... I did the same thing this year thinking it would still be too big, so I loaned it to my sister... luckily my sister informed me that it would fit Aaron Jr this year so she would be happy to borrow it next year instead. It would have been too small for Aaron next year, so WHEW! :)
This was the night Aaron and I went to the school carnival. We sure had fun together on our little date night out.

Carving pumpkins at my friend Lisa's house.
The kids did great.
I cut most of the top of Aaron's pumpkin, then I drew the face on, but then he took over and cut the face all by himself. I was so impressed!

A whole bunch of kids... including Aaron.

Aaron and Ashton.
If you can believe it, Ashton is a few years older than Aaron.
My son is SO tall.
Ashton is Lisa's middle child and he and Aaron sure have fun together. They can play for hours together without a problem.

Aaron is showing off his pumpkin in the middle of this photo.
This one has all three of Lisa's kids in it.
Ethan is in the back right corner, Ashton in the red shirt, and Averie in the pink.
The other kids' names escape my memory, they belong to other friends that I have met through Lisa.

Halloween, as we begin our journey of trick or treating.
Aaron with his pumpkin.

Aaron got invited to trick or treat with some cousins.
Aaron Jr, Zach, Thomas, Jack
It was fun to be with family. Thanks for the invite!

Aaron Jr as a dog.
Me... wearing my good old stand by spider hat and black plastic glasses without lenses.

I love that Aaron Jr has fun on Halloween, but if I had my way... Halloween would be wiped off of the calendar.
We did have some good laughs at some of the festivities, but I have never been a huge fan since I grew up. It is becoming nearly as big as Christmas as a holiday. Loads of parties and people really go all out on decorating. I could go into all of the reasons I don't like Halloween, but I won't. :)
I will just say that I will continue to make it as fun as Aaron Jr wants it to be... and once he is ready to be done dressing up, I will shout HOORAY! :)

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