Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random October ~ 2011

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At the store... the cases of water looked like a chair, so Aaron made himself at home. :)
Aaron with his explorer backpack full of explorer tools. A sweet lady named Rita sent this to him.
We have never met Rita, but she is one of the wonderful people who reads our blog.
Thank you Rita.

 Aaron in some BYU Cougar gear. :)
He still wants to be Jimmer Fredette someday.
I found this cute photo of my nephew Benny.
We can't wait to see them at Christmas time. :)

 The six gals on the top of the photo are six of my nieces.
Emily, Elise, Julia,
Anna, Hannah, Caroline
The two gals on the bottom are a cousin's daughter and my sister in law's niece.
It was fun to watch them all play.

 Aaron Jr.

We went with Kerianne and Rori and their kids to Gardner Village.
It was the first time we had been there. It sure was a fun place to visit.

Aaron Jr was our photographer.
There were many, many takes.
He is already a pro. :)

Me, Kerianne, Rori

 So, Aaron and I were playing with lincoln logs a lot last month and would create farmhouses and barns for all of his farm animals. At one point, he started taking all of the bigger animals and saying they were the moms and he would put the smaller animals with them as their kids. When I walked back into the room at one point, I had to laugh when I saw how he had arranged the pigs. SO funny. I know he has seen Charlotte's Web loads of times, I assume that is where he saw this?

 Aaron has been really into drawing and coloring lately.
I am loving the photos that he draws for me. They usually are photos with me, or daddy, or both of us in them... or all three of us. He is a sweetheart.

Richard and Haley
At the beginning of the month, my cute nephew married his cute bride in the Bountiful Temple.
They are a sweet couple and I am so happy for them.
Congrats to you both.
(my brother did their photography, he took this photo: Rob Higginson Photography)

 These are the last photos taken of our flower garden before it froze that night.
We were so proud of how well it did and we had so much fun taking care of it.
There were SO many buds ready to bloom still... it broke my heart when I woke up the next morning and saw that the plants had all frozen. I know that sounds so silly, but these flowers were such a hugely therapeutic project for me this year. I really miss seeing the bright colors every morning when we wake up.
That last couple of weeks that they were blooming, I had pruned back the plants that had seemingly died and they were FINALLY coming back and were getting a lot of green back on them. They were finally giving flowers again. I was sad that they didn't have more time to make a full recovery.
Ok, enough. :)

 Us ~ the proud gardeners. :)
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Mindy said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Great job! I laughed at the pig pic. So funny!

Kristi said...

What pretty flowers.
I love the pig arrangement and water bottle chair. Funny.

John said...

Pretty garden. I love that you have a picture of each niece PLUS the two other "family" girls. If it's family of family then it's pretty much family. Don't you thin? Love ya. (the letter between the j and the l is not woring this wee. it's a new letter each wee. i don't get it.)

jensenfamily said...

i love the pig feeding her piglets:) I wish we could see you sometime! we are in CO for thanksgiving and Christmas - Next time we're in utah, I'd love to see you - I hope you're doing well, fun to catch up!! love erin