Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Aaron Jr !!!

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Six Years Old... What!?!?!

Aaron was born on December 1st, 2005 on a Thursday night at 11:58 pm. Two more minutes and my sister Lisa could have continued to have her own birthday. But I was glad when she showed excitement that Aaron was born on her birthday. It was the happiest day of my life. Aaron was a miracle baby... we were blessed with him through the miracle of artificial insemination. My dream of becoming a mother had finally come true.

 What can I say about this amazing little boy?
It would take days to write about him and tell just how amazing he is.
So I will share just a few things...

Aaron began school this year. He was so excited to start kindergarten and he is doing great. He towers over all of the other kids. I wish that was an exaggeration, but he literally stands at least an entire head taller than the other kids. He is a gentle giant... something he definitely gets from his dad... he was a gentle giant as well.

Aaron is the most thoughtful kid I know. I have been under the weather for the past several days... sometimes unable to get up. Well, this little boy has served me willingly all week. He hasn't complained that I have been boring and he hasn't complained when I ask him for yet another favor. Another way that he shows his thoughtful and gentle side is apologizing to me anytime he even just bumps into me on accident. He is such a sweetheart.
Aaron is very mindful of others' feelings.

Aaron is such an example of forgiveness and letting things go when he has been hurt. He does not feel the need to carry around a grudge when someone has been mean to him or hurt him, he will be right there ready to play with them again if they want to play with him.
He is also very forgiving of my shortcomings. Thank the heavens.

Aaron is becoming quite the chatter box. I am so happy to report that the stuttering issue that I was concerned with last year has stopped. He has reached a point where he actually wants to tell me things and have a conversation. He even eavesdrops on my phone calls these days. He didn't use to care what I was talking about on the phone, but now... he wants to know a play by play while I am on the phone.

In his short life, Aaron has had to be strong and has worries that kids should not have to have. I don't remember ever worrying about dying. Aaron does... daily.

Two of the things he prays for every night without fail are these:

'bless that nothing that I think will happen to me will happen to me, but if it does, fix it and make it better'.

'bless my mom and me won't go into heaven because we don't want to and we don't like it'.

I recently asked him after his prayer 'why do you think heaven is such a bad place?'
his response was this... 'because I don't want to go there, I want to stay with you.'

It breaks my heart how much worrying this little boy does. I want him to have a JOYous childhood... as normal as is possible under the circumstances.

What a blessing that, even though he worries so much, he is still the most cheerful little boy I have ever known.

Aaron is really into building things and then destroying them lately. We built a snowman the other day and once it started to melt, he just wanted to destroy it. Every time he walks outside, he can't help but kick it since it is taking forever to melt all the way. He also loves to build things with his lincoln logs and then uses his toy demolition tractor to destroy it.

Aaron is also the most sentimental little boy you will ever meet. You might also call him a pack rat. He comes by that honestly... although I am really working on that issue. :)

Aaron also has the best laugh you will ever hear. He laughed for the first time when he was about a month old. I know that seems impossible, but its true. He has a good and deep gut laugh and he has had that laugh his whole life. It is music to my ears when I hear him laughing. Its my very favorite sound.

Aaron really wants brothers and sisters. Every once in a while, he will mention that he wishes he could be in my brother Spencer's family so that their kids could be his brothers and sister. Luckily, I know that doesn't mean that he would be willing to give me up as his mom. :)
I hope so much that someday, I will be able to have more kids so that Aaron has siblings. One can hope.

I could go on and on and on...
but I will just mention one more...
Aaron loves Jesus. He knows that Jesus watches over him. When something is wrong, he wants to pray. He has childlike faith that amazes me. He trusts Heavenly Father and Jesus and I am so glad of that. He knows that they love him.



Aaron Jr's strikingly beautiful eyes.

 A few years ago, Aaron Jr was laying on my lap and he was looking at me and he said
'I can see me in your eye.'

Ain't that the truth? He is the most important thing / person in my life... I hope my eyes reflect the love that I have for him... and I also hope that he will always be able to see how important and loved he is in my eyes.

Aaron Jr, you are the treasured blessing in my life and I hit the blessing jackpot when you came into our family.

This is the birthday card I have been emailing to all of my family members this year. I thought I would add it to this posting... these are Aaron Jr's footprints on the beach of cape cod on the last big vacation we got to take with Aaron here with us. He was only 18 months... where does the time go?

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!
 I love you so much...

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Tracie said...

Happy Birthday! I forgot that our kids were so close in age. My Lydia turns 6 on Saturday.

Scott / Lori said...

Amazing that he is really six. Cute pictures! He is growing up so much. Love you....and him!