Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Whirlwind of a Birthday... Literally!

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Happy Birthday to you, Aaron Jr !
SIX years old!


A few months ago, my nephew got a candy poster for his birthday and Aaron wanted one for his birthday. Well, he didn't remember, but I did. So, I created this candy poster for him. Some of the sentences are a stretch to fit the candy in, but it was fun to try to come up with it all.
He was SO excited when he saw it.

 So, the day of Aaron's birthday, we woke up to WIND, WIND, WIND... it was a huge wind storm the night before and had continued into the day. I was super sick and had had one of the worst night's of my whole life when it came to sleep... and the power was out at our house most of the night as well and still was that morning. When we got out to our car, the neighbors fence had a section that had blown over by our car and I had to move some of the pieces away so I could even drive out. While I was doing that, another huge piece of their fence blew off and hit our car.

Just on the short route to school, we came across several HUGE pine trees that had blown over and were blocking some of the road. It was crazy how powerful the wind was. Aaron was all prepared to deliver the 'treats' we had gotten for the kids in his class for his birthday, but when we got to the school, there were moms outside telling everyone that there was no power in the school and it was up to us parents if we wanted to leave our kids or not. We found out later that school had been cancelled through the whole district because of the wind and the unsafe conditions. We went to my parents house to spend the day because I was so sick and could hardly even stand up. I needed help from my parents that day. My dad picked up some prescriptions for me and my mom offered to mix up Aaron's cake when I headed into the kitchen to make it. What a blessing they were that day and always. Thanks Mom and Dad for your help!!!

At some point in the morning, we drove around with my brother and parents to see some of the damage throughout the area. It was incredible how any trees were down, and stop lights were down, and stop signs, and fences. There was going to be A LOT of work to be done in the coming days and weeks. I wish I had felt better that day, I would have loved to get some photos of some of the damage.

The power was out at my parents' house as well, but my sister's power had just come back on, so once it was mixed up, we took it to my sister's house and baked it there.
Then back to my parents' house where I frosted the cake and all of us sang to Aaron Jr. My sister and her kids were there since they had brought us back after the cake was done. The photo above where I didn't use a flash is how dark it was getting in the house without power. It was a crazy birthday for Aaron and I am sure he will remember it always.

And after we ate cake, THIS is how dark it got while we sat in the living room visiting. The kids all took turns telling stories with the flashlight on their faces. What a birthday!!! :)
A few minutes after I took this photo, the power came back on ... what a blessing. It would have gotten cold that night. We stayed at my parents' house that night because our little house still didn't have power all night that night.
School was cancelled the next day as well and we just got to relax for the day at my parents' house while the wind blew and while they tried to get power to all of the areas around here. It wasn't until the next afternoon that our house finally got power back.
Crazy wind storm. You just wouldn't believe how many trees and fences were down after the storm. It was crazy. I have some photos of some of the clean up that I will post later on about it.
But for now... this was how Aaron Jr's birthday went.
He was such a trooper.

One day when we went to fill a prescription at the pharmacy, I heard Aaron say,
"Hey mom, look, I'm an old man."
He was walking all hunched over and his face was like this photo...
and I could not stop laughing.
I am so glad I got a photo.

At his well check this month, he was almost 52 inches tall. He is still OVER the hundredth percentile in height and has been for a few years now. The lady who does his check ups is amazed every year. He is healthy as can be and I am so grateful for that.

I sure love my little boy...
Happy Birthday Aaron Jr!
Now, if only you will stop growing up so fast!!!

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Scott / Lori said...

That was an adventure sitting at Mom and Dad's in the dark after eating cake in the near-dark. I think the kids will always remember it. Happy Birthday Aaron. You are really growing up so fast. We love you.