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Random December ~ 2011

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When we woke up the morning of Aaron Jr's birthday, the power was out and had been most of the night. The wind had been howling and raging outside all night. It was cold because the heat has to have power to run. THIS birthday of Aaron Jr's was one for the record books. I was SO sick on his birthday. I had a fever, a tooth ache, I think I had strep throat, and I was having back issues due to a back spasm the week before. I did not sleep the night before because I felt so crappy and all night I listened to the wind howling. When we got up on the morning of Aaron’s birthday, we were amazed at the power of the wind. We could hardly walk to the car to go to school. The fence that separates our house and the house next door was coming apart. A section of it had blown over and was under our car a bit, while I was moving it from under the tire, another piece flew off of their fence and hit our car. School ended up being canceled for two days due to the wind, power outages, and the debris that was blowing around. So, Aaron and I went to my parents' house to spend the day there. I figured it would be a little warmer there and I felt so awful, I needed some help for Aaron's birthday.
There were so many HUGE trees down across roads. It was unbelievable how much destruction had come from just the wind.
The power was out all day at Dad and Mom’s house but came on finally in the early evening. We stayed over night at my parents' house because our power was out for nearly two days.
I wish I had more photos of how many trees were down all over the place. SO many.

Bros with the chain saws cutting apart a huge tree that had fallen over at Teresa's parents' house.

John R.

On Sunday, they were expected another huge wind storm that night, so while we were sitting in church, after the sacrament was passed, the bishop stood up and announced that the rest of church was being canceled so that all who were able could get out to the neighborhoods and gather all of the debris and downed trees and take them to the dump so that the debris would not be blown around and cause more damage in the wind.
Church had been canceled all over the area for the same reason. It was amazing to see how many people were out all over the area helping to load downed trees and branches and debris into trucks and trailers to be hauled to the dump. Aaron and I rode along with my brother all day helping to load and unload. We made loads of trips to the dumping areas with a full truck. The photos above are of each dumping place and how many vehicles were waiting to dump their loads. It is difficult to see the line in the top photo, but it was SOOOOOO long. Thousands of people were out that day, serving each other, cleaning up the city... in case the wind storm was a bad one. It was an amazing experience to be a part of.

Here is my brother's truck that we helped load and unload all day.

Here are some photos of the dumping grounds. They started letting people dump at the high school and also by an off ramp by the freeway, the dump was too busy... so they needed to open up other places to dump.

Aaron Jr got to push the button to dump the load and then to put it back down.

It was such a cold day, but at least I got a few beautiful photos between truck dumps.

This is the tree in my brother's yard. They cut it back for winter in the shape of a Y.
Aaron Jr got a parachute guy for his birthday from Aunt April.
Steve took him up on the roof at Secret Haven to help him make him fly.

Aaron was REALLY into his video game.

Here is a photo that Aaron took.
It is a painting that has hung in my parents' house since before I can remember.

We went to Texas Roadhouse with Mark and Suzy and Dad and Mom.
We had them sing to Aaron and Evelyn for their birthdays that were both in December.

It was a busy month. A good, busy month.

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