Monday, January 30, 2012

So Long, Farewell :(

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This morning, my parents drove out of town on their way to serve their second full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
They are going to Canada... to serve people there and to teach of Jesus Christ and His teachings.

It was a very tearful goodbye and I am a little bit in shock right now. When we came to their house today after they left, Aaron Jr and I sat in my Mom's recliner and watched the rest of a movie we had started. It is where my mom would have been sitting if she were there watching it with us. It tugged at my heart and I wished they were there watching with us.
Last time they went on a full time mission, Aaron Jr was only three months old and Aaron was still here. I had a new baby and a husband to focus on. I missed them, but this time around is so much more difficult having them gone.

 Theirs is the house where all of us kids congregate... where we know we will run into each other while we are visiting Mom and Dad. I like to call it Grand Central Station.
In these past four years, their house is where Aaron Jr and I go to visit when we are lonely... which is often. We go there every day at least once. So, having my parents gone is going to be very different for us... and extra lonely. We will have to call them and skype them a lot.

I am so proud of them. They are doing the work of the Lord and I know that blessings will come to them and our family who will be missing them so much while they are gone. They are to be gone a year or more. It is up in the air how long for sure, but at least a year. They are such great examples to all of us.

My parents are both going to miss us, but my Mom is super sad to leave her kids and grandkids again. She knows she is needed in the service of the Lord, but her family has always been her life.
My Dad, on the other hand, is sad, but also super happy to be off on an adventure with his wife of 49 + years and have her all to himself again.
They are going to spend their 50th wedding anniversary on their mission.
What an amazing way to celebrate 50 years together... in the service of the Lord.

Something is wrong with my hair... and Aaron Jr was trying so hard to put a great smile on his face, but this was his 'CHEESE' face while he waited for the photo to be snapped.
This is us with my parents last night after they got set apart for their mission.

 My amazing, wonderful, spectacular, splendid, brilliant parents.

Mom and Dad...
thank you for the examples that you are to us,
the people of Canada are blessed to have you for a time,
but we are blessed to have you always.
We miss you,
We love you.
God be with you 'til be meet again.

* * *


LL said...

So sweet--and so exciting! Good for them!
Where in Canada?

Scott / Lori said...

They are so awesome! 50 years is amazing.
Laura they are going to the Toronto mission.

Chris and Kristy said...

So awesome for them. Many blessings will come through their service and sacrifice of time with their family to help our brothers and sisters in Canada. My parents returned in
October from a mission in Russia. I dearly missed them while they were away. My parents call our sweet Josie their mission blessing. God will provide. Big hugs to you both.