Saturday, January 14, 2012

Second Amendment Fans

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 During Christmas break, we went shooting a couple of times.
I took most of mine and Aaron's hand guns up with us.
Mark and Spencer brought the other guns.
In this photo, I am helping Aaron Jr shoot a real fun for the first time.


Spencer helping lil Spencer.

My Dad.

Richard, my brother.
Richard, my nephew.
Nathan, my nephew.

Matthew, my nephew.
David, my nephew.
Mark, my brother.

Spencer, my brother.
Spencer helping Spencer, my nephew.
Robert, my brother.

Here is a group shot of one of the mornings.
I wish all of my brothers and older nephews could have come with us.

This photo was taken of the time that I missed the wood that was thrown in the air...
but the next time, the wood was thrown into the air, I shot the shot gun at it as it dropped, and I hit it square on and sent it flying as it came apart.
It was awesome.

Me with my Ruger 9 mm.
Aaron bought this as a gift for me when we were first married.
He always called it MY gun, but I am sure he bought it for me so that he could have it as well. :) I got a kick out of it. I was always so proud when he would talk about the gun and the first time we went shooting with it. He would always tell people that I had been a better shot than him. He always seemed proud... and it made me happy.

Shooting the 9 mm and the 22.

This is the target we shot at with the 22 rifle.
If you look closely, I hit the number 8 circle...
thus getting the closest with that gun. :)

This is my Dad shooting three different guns.
The bottom one is Aaron's Ruger .22 pistol.

I can't remember which gun I am shooting here.
I think an SKS or an AK47.

Helping Aaron Jr shoot his Daddy's 22 pistol.

Somehow, it seems like it should be someone else here teaching him about guns and how to shoot them... but since he cannot be here, I am more than happy to teach him stuff like this.

Shooting Aaron's Ruger 44 Magnum.
SO powerful... it knocked me back a bit when I shot it.
It sure was fun though...

Dad, Robert, and Mark
all taking a turn with the 44 magnum.

And again... the 44 mangum.
That gun is a beast.

We missed those who could not make it.

Don't do this at home, kids. :)

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