Monday, March 12, 2012

Out of the Mouth of My Babe

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I had to share a few of the things Aaron has said lately. I took a few of them from the list on my side bar, but there are a couple of new ones from this week that I had to get posted on here.

~ ~ ~

Aaron Jr:   "At school, I thought Nick said that he wanted to cut the blue things on his arm. So I told him, 'don't cut your blood wires or the blood will leak out'."

~ ~ ~

Aaron Jr:   "Mom, if you say a girl is cold, that means you don't like her...
but if you say a girl is hot, that means you like her."

Me:   "Who told you the thing about a girl being cold?"

Aaron Jr:   "I thought of it myself."

(who is teaching my son that girls are HOT?)

~ ~ ~

Aaron Jr:   (he said something like...) "Hey Mom, look I'm Grandpa."
"You know, because of those things he uses to hold his pants up."

(suspenders :)

~ ~ ~

This is truly a conversation that came out of the blue as Aaron Jr was getting ready for bed.

Aaron Jr:   "Hey Mom, say 'welcome to my world'."

Me:   "Okay, ... welcome to my world."

Aaron Jr:   then as he pointed to some red spots on his knee,
"Because now I have what you have on your face."

Me:   as if I didn't know what he was talking about, "What's on my face?"

Aaron Jr:   "The red dots."

I had to leave the room because I was about to die laughing...

Aaron Jr:   then he followed me down the hall, " What are they called, Mom? Polka dots?"

Me:   "Yes Aaron, they are called polka dots."

Aaron Jr:   "Yes! I got it right!"

He has a lot to choose from on my face... freckles, sun spots, and other 'occasional spots'.
I thought this was so funny.

~ ~ ~

Me:   "I hate my hair today."

Aaron Jr:   "Why? Because its all carmeled up?
(as he used his finger to make a curly motion up by his head implying 'curly' hair)

Not sure why, but Aaron does not like curly hair. Every time his hair gets long enough to start to curl, that is when he is ready for me to cut his hair. He has talked about not liking curly hair in general... I wonder what he would do if I never straightened my hair again... maybe he would begin to like it? Hmmm...

~ ~ ~

Last, but not least, this was our conversation on the way home from church today...
 we were talking about calling people on the phone and he asked

Aaron Jr:   "Why don't you call Aaron Harkness?"

Me:   "Because you don't have a phone."

Aaron Jr:   "Then why don't you call BIG Aaron Harkness?"

Me:   "Oh, you mean Daddy?"

Aaron Jr:   "Yeah."
Aaron Jr:   "When will Daddy come back down from heaven?"

Me:   "Well what do you think heaven is?"

Aaron Jr:   "Yellow, and white ish, and cloudy."

Me:   "When do you think people go to heaven?"

Aaron Jr:  "When they get hurt really bad."

Me:   "What do you think they do there?"

Aaron Jr:   "They get better."

Me:   "And you think Daddy is getting better from his owies?"

Aaron Jr:   "Yes, I think he has one more owie... or maybe two more."

Me:   "So when Daddy is better from his owies, what do you think will happen?"

Aaron Jr:   "He will come back down and live with us again."

We got home at that point and I didn't have the heart at that point to crush those hopes.
I know he will see his Daddy again, but he will not be coming back from heaven to live with us in this life.
For now, I had to leave it like this... until I know the best way to help him understand.

~ ~ ~

If you are wondering what on earth I would ever do without this little boy in my life...
well, my answer is... 'welcome to my world', because I ask myself that question all the time!

'Rain' or 'Shine'... he makes life worth living... every. single. day.

* * *


Tawnie said...

What a cute post!
Love it!

Kristi said...

Those are funny. I love when I get a glimpse into my kids understanding.
I laughed at the polka dot conversation. When Spencer was younger he told me my face looked like a crepe. Then he added, "a burned one." Thank you dear one.

Mindy said...

I loved all of these cute little conversations. He's a sweetheart.