Friday, March 9, 2012

Random February ~ 2012

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We stopped by Steve and Christa's house for a few minutes and Aaron got to ride on Uncle Steve's long board. He loves riding on it.


We had the privilege of watching Emily perform in her recital.
She played and sang beautifully.

Ashton and Aaron
Ashton is my friend Lisa's son.
He and Aaron get along SO well.
They are great friends.

 View of the sunset as we pulled out of the driveway one night.

My cousin Julie came up one Friday night and we had all of my nieces, ages 14 down to 6, come over for a 'late night' together. We played games, chatted, and watched a movie together. It sure was fun.
Aaron got to go over to my sister Lori's house to play with her son Michael for the evening.

back row: Me, Emily, Hannah, Lauren, Elise, Kristina, Caroline, Julia,
middle row: Sophie, Anna, Julie, Savannah,
front row: Lily, Stella, Allison


We got a little more snow in February, so we got another chance to go sledding.
It was such a beautiful and sunny day to be out on the snow.
We went with some of the Harkness family.

Sophia, Aaron, Pearl, Malia, Evan, Isaac, Grace, Eva

Aaron, Malia, Pearl
The three 2005 babies in this family. :)

Grandpa and Aaron
Grandma and Aaron

Sue, Sadie, Me

These photos of Aaron were taken on that beautiful day.

Before we just moved... this is a photo I took of a shelf I had decorated in our last place.
Sadie made the beautiful photo things that are hanging on it. I love them.

February was a full and busy month... full of sickness mostly.
We have Spring in our sights and we are excited for more beautiful weather.
My spirits sure need happier weather. :)

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