Sunday, June 3, 2012

Random April ~ 2012 ~ REVISITED

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I found a few more photos that were not included in my April posting...
so here they are.
Aaron asked me in April if I would buy some stuff that would make his hair stick up like his friend Haak's hair. So I bought some mousse and he had me do his hair like this for a couple of weeks.
He was so proud of it...
and he looked so cute.

And from the side.

We were eating lunch one day and I asked Aaron if he had a crush on a girl at school.
He got a huge smile on his face and as he smiled, he slowly nodded his head up and down.
I asked him who he had a crush on and he told me.
His face looked so cute as he admitted his crush, I got my camera out to take a photo and he got embarrassed. These are the photos of him trying to hide.
He is such a cute boy.

 One of the best smelling fragrances ever.


Aaron and I went to the cemetery to remember my brother Bruce on the anniversary of his death.
Can't believe its been so long. We miss him.

He was so proud of this one. So was I.


These videos below were taken during Spring Break.
We went to a trampoline park one day with Sadie and her kids.
Aaron had a blast. Thanks Sadie. SO much fun.

Happy Easter!
I taught the lesson in Relief Society at church on Easter this year.
It was a lesson called 'The Immortality of the Soul'.
It seemed very appropriate for Easter and it went well.
We are so blessed by the gifts that our Savior has given to us.

My handsome and funny boy.

This is the little tree that Aaron gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago
(with Kristi's help).
It works perfectly for our Easter tree and we put these little porcelain eggs on it.

Aaron accidentally broke the bottom one and didn't want to have to tell me,
so he put it back together with scotch tape.
He was so proud when he brought it to me to tell me what had happened.
What a sweetheart.
At first I thought about throwing it out and seeing if I could get a new red one,
but then I realized how precious this one is.
It means more to me now than it did when it was perfect.

This is the view of the mountain across the street from my sister's house.
The kids love climbing up and exploring at the top.

Lily, Aaron, Michael, Anna
On the way down.

A few of Aaron's creations lately.
Top left is a stage he made for his finger puppets.
Bottom left are people made out of clay.
Right are robots he made out of legos.

Easter Egg Hunt

Relatives in town from Norway.
He is one of Aaron's cousins.
It was fun to have them here.

Aaron in his Kindergarten Program.
They sang all of the songs that they learned this year in their music class.
He did such a great job!
Look at that sweet smile.

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Kristi said...

All of those videos are the same video right? :) Just kidding but they are all very similar.
I remember walking around up above Lori's house in high school. There used to be a big tree up there with a couch under it. I remember some idiots that I knew tried to burn motor oil under that tree. Anyway, I am just curious if the couch is still there.
Look at Aaron, he is so big compared to his classmates. He will be in 1st grade soon. Wow.
I like catch up postings like this, so I can see what you guys have been up to.