Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May Days ~ 2012

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I love this face.

 A Walrus.

 Fun at the zoo for Grandpa's birthday.

 More fun at the zoo.

 Happy Birthday Grandpa.

 That bottom tooth looks SO loose and wiggly.

Tooth #2 GONE!
On Mother's Day.

 My brother in law, John, took Aaron to the store the night before Mother's Day.
He had him pick out a gift for me for Mother's Day.
It was so thoughtful of him to do that.
When he dropped Aaron off at home, he told him to make sure he wrote me a card for Mother's Day.
So everything in this box is what Aaron picked out for me...
and that night after he got home, he sat down on the couch and wrote this card for me.
It was so cute watching him across the room sounding out each word and then writing it out.
This is my favorite gift I have ever received.
I love my son.
Thanks for helping him, John.

We went with John's family to walk on main street to see all of the chalk art.

This was our favorite.

The moon was full and beautiful this one night.
I made this heart with the moon by leaving the shutter open.
I love the moon.

Stella's birthday party.

Aaron got invited to his cousin's birthday party.
Lisa asked me to take photos for her at the party.

Here is Aaron writing on her big birthday poster for her.

 Then they colored shrinky dinks.

 Then they got to paint on a poster outside.

 It was a really fun party.
Good job Lisa.

Kara was the PTA president this past year and she was in charge of getting some thank you gifts for some of the board members.
So she asked me to put together 30 packets each containing 5 of my photo cards.
It is my first major order of my photo cards. I was excited to do this.
Thanks for the opportunity Kara.

 Aaron took some photos of a few things they made at school.

Kindergarten field day.
We walked to the park and then we all got to play for a couple of hours.
It was a really fun day.

I was filming this to send to my parents on their mission.
That is why he says hello to them.
He knows how to pump on the swing now! YAY!

Interesting way to use his dump truck.

What a busy month we had.

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Kristi said...

Your cards look so cute lined up like that on the table. I need some more. I am fresh out.
May is a wonderful month, you want to be outside and yet the heat doesn't bombard you and force you inside.
Lots of fun things.