Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random September ~ 2012

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 Sunday walk around the Bountiful Temple.

good old orange peel smile
an oldie, but a goodie

our disguises that we wore at the Secret Haven Fall Open House.
I love that you can see Aaron's bottom teeth as he smiles.

  And that he is so serious in this one.

we put this little robot together

show and tell

Here is the little part that Aaron did in the Primary Program at church.
 He said it perfectly in front of the whole congregation. Yay!

aaron's grasshopper when we gave it back its freedom

If you watch all four videos, you almost get the whole book. :)
So proud of him.

me donating blood again.
make your appointment to give blood.
it saves lives.

I was at Secret Haven and went into the dressing room to try on some clothes,
and to my surprise, this spider was in the dressing room with me.
So Sadie caught it to take home and show her daughter. Her daughter loves spiders.
They are brave. I hate spiders' guts and so does Aaron Jr. :)

My niece, Julia's, cute dog, Jack was having a really hard time,
so they made the difficult decision to have him put down,
so we went over to say good bye.
It is so difficult to say good bye to a beloved pet.

This is Jack.
He only had three legs when Julia picked him out at the animal shelter.
She loves dogs so much that she couldn't bear not to take Jack because she knew there were very few people who would pick Jack to adopt. What a sweet girl.
She loves Jack and misses him.
Good bye, Jack.
We all love you.

* * *


Kristi said...

I didn't know that they put jack down. how very sad. he was a good dog. that spider was huge! yuck

Momza said...

Aaron Jr. is getting so tall! Love his moustache and cute specs too! So sorry to hear about Jack. Labs are such great dogs; we have a 3 yr old black lab, Kota that my kids love.