Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Halloween ~ 2012

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Aaron Jr. found a leather cowboy hat of Aaron's in the basement and brought it upstairs and said he wants to be Indiana Jones for Halloween. I thought that was a great idea.
I wasn't going to dress up at all because I am boring like that, but I decided to dress up at the last minute as a BYU fan... which isn't really dressing up since I AM a BYU fan.

 This is Aaron's cousin Pearl. These two get along so well... its cute.

Aaron and Cousins.


 Aaron's craft.

Aaron and Brighton and Bode
and their wolf masks.
Kerianne and I bought these deals on Groupon to go to Red Butte Gardens' halloween festivities for kids.
They had a good time participating in all kinds of fun activities.

...with their garlic filled viles to ward off vampires.

Believe it or not, they really are standing there holding these candle things.
It was too dark.

Their lamp things floating in the pond.

Theirs are the back three that you can see.


Kerianne in the black light.

Me in the black light.

Aaron and Stella and Elise and Hannah
at the school carnival.

Elise and Hannah were two of the three little pigs
and they had a 'missing' poster in search of the third little pig.
SO cute.

Aaron's school program.

I brought these hats and glasses to dress up at work.

Homemade apple pie carameled apples.


Aaron's jack o lantern.
Its bigger than him!

I did this make up on Aaron to look like spiderman.
How did I do?

Aaron or Elvis.
Can't be sure.

The moon on Halloween night.


 My baby and me.

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Kristi said...

What great fun. I know you are anti Halloween, but doesn't it have fun things too?
You both look so cute in all of the pictures.
Wishing we were there with everyone for Christmas.