Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Conversations with Aaron Jr.

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I have some thoughts I want to make sure I 'write down'.

Is there anything more wonderful than listening to your child talk about something that is important to them?

I have been dedicating more time to really listening to Aaron. Throughout these years of his life, I know there have been way too many times when I have said 'uh huh' or 'wow' without truly listening to the words he is saying. But when I realize I am doing that and feel guilty for it, I always have to ask him to repeat himself. So, I have been trying harder to truly listen to what he has to say... and you know what? I love what he is saying. I am getting to see Aaron's language skills growing and developing and he is getting better and better at having a conversation. I am also seeing how clever he is. He makes me laugh so hard every day. He is a clever and interesting boy and I love hearing what goes on in his head. I love it.

After talking to his teacher a while back, she gave me an idea and I have been implementing it ever since. When Aaron and I are eating dinner together, I make sure the TV is turned off and I ask him what the best part of his day was. His answers are sometimes so simple and I love hearing what he considers to be a really great part of his day. Then I ask him what the worst part of his day was. His answers to that question make me sad sometimes because I don't like hearing that anything happened that was not wonderful. Having this conversation with Aaron regularly has helped me get to know my son better. I love asking him questions about his day and hearing what his perspective was on his day. I love hearing his sweet voice telling me things because he wants me to know them. He wants me to be interested. And I hope he know how interested I am. I love having conversations with my son. His voice is one of the most precious sounds in my life.
I need to write down his answers to those questions each day.

As I thought about this tonight, I had a thought strike me and I decided it is something that I need to start doing. Just as much as I love talking to Aaron and hearing what he has to say and hearing about how his day was, I am sure Heavenly Father is also that interested in hearing about my day. I always go through a list of things that I am grateful for and then I move on to the things I ask Him for. Once in a while, when I am having a rough time, I talk to Heavenly Father as though there is a conversation happening... but not often enough. I want to start having real conversations with Him, telling Him what the best part of my day was, and telling Him what the worst part of my day was. I need to share my thoughts with Him. I know I am a daughter of God, but sometimes I wonder if I am being a good daughter of God by talking and listening to my Father in Heaven. He is interested. I know He is. I need to include Him in my life and in the things going on from day to day.

Tonight, Aaron was having a difficult time and I was having to have a 'teaching moment' with him and through tears he cried to me 'I'm having a rough day'. Hearing him say that made me smile inside because it was so cute hearing him use those words, but it also broke my heart because I don't like it when he has 'a rough day'. I want his days to be beautiful and wonderful and full of JOY. After Aaron was in bed, I thought more about what he said and then our conversation at bedtime and when I related that to life, it got me thinking about how as a mother, I really would love to make sure Aaron's days are only beautiful and happy... and I am sure Heavenly Father wishes all of our days could be beautiful and happy without sadness, but He knows better that we need to have those 'rough days' in order to more fully appreciate the happy days. And that without those 'rough days', we would not grow and become stronger.

There is so much I do not comprehend or understand when it comes to our Father in Heaven, but I can say that being a parent myself helps me understand more than I did before. He hurts when I hurt... just as I hurt when Aaron hurts. I know that He wants such wonderful things for me... just as I want such wonderful things for Aaron.

Aaron is so special.
I know I am blessed.

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Mindy said...

Thank you for giving me a light bulb moment... I am going to tell Heavenly Father tonight what my best thing and worst thing of the day were. :)

Ceri said...

That is beautiful Leslie. Thank you! Thank you for that reminder to really listen to my children more. I do, but there are too many of the not fully listening moments in my days. It's something I have been working at improving.

I have been asking my 6 year old Peter those questions at bedtime some nights, and sometimes his sister too, and I too love their answers. Often what I would not expect. It has given my an insight into what is important for them. We have been having some really great bedtime discussions this last week or so, which has been so lovely. They are wanting to share special things with me and ask questions they wouldn't normally get the chance to ask in a busy household. Bedtimes take much longer which cuts down on time to do my work, but really what is more important, and I love it!

I love the reminder to talk with Heavenly Father that way too. About four years ago, for about a year, each week I spent 2-3 hours each week alone just talking with Heavenly Father, having a real conversation with Him. It was invaluable to my week, and my sanity at the time while going through a particularly rough time. I loved the answers He gave me in that time, and the insights and feelings I would have. I came back from that more able to move on with my week. I too need to take that daily time to really talk with Heavenly Father and hear what He has to say about my day. Thank you! xxx