Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hard Drive Crash

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So, my hard drive crashed.
I am not sure how much was lost that cannot be replaced,
but I know for sure that there are a whole lot of edited photos on there that I do not have saved anywhere else. They represent hours and hours and hours of work.

My brother Mark is working on trying to recover the files from the hard drive.
I am so grateful for the hours he has put into working on it...
and I am praying that he will be able to recover my files.
Thank you Mark.

I had a bunch of photos ready to post on here, so now I am just waiting to see if the files can be recovered before I start over on editing them.

Please bless...

* * *

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Cordia Remsen said...

Awww. That must feel very frustrating. I had a similar experience where I lost a lot of important files because my hard drive crashed and I was too lazy to create backups when I had the chance. Now I keep duplicate copies in Dropbox just to be sure.

Cordia Remsen @